1. quackers123

    Does my roo look like a sizzle?

    I recently got silkie chicks and just learned about sizzles when my silkie Aurora got curly feathers(black chick in image attached) and I’ve learnt you can’t breed sizzles together. This leads to my question, does my roo look like a sizzle, or is it too early to tell? I want to be prepared if I...
  2. A

    Is my frizzle a Betty or Bruce?

    "Betty White" is a bantam frizzle, roughly 7 weeks, and her comb and wattle are reddening. Is "Betty" more of a "Bruce"?
  3. acsplus2629

    Help sexing silkies 4 months old

    I picked up two silkies today at a swap. The person told me they are 4 months old but gave no further information. The frizzle has 4 toes. The other has 5. Both have black skin and grey/slate everything else. Gender and breed guesses would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. K

    I need help on gender, roo or pullets?

    I was given these 2 beautiful frizzles. I love them so much but they are getting too big for my brooder box. I've been waiting to try and see if I can figure out the gender before deciding if I can keep them. Please help. The pics look red on the combs but they are really not. Just a tiny Hugh...
  5. Hens or Roos? Silkie/frizzle bantams!

    Hens or Roos? Silkie/frizzle bantams!

    Hi guys. I am looking for some help.i have 8 silkie/frizzle chicks and was wondering if anyone could tell me what each of them may be (hen/roo). I know they are hard to sex, and they are young but I thought I'd give it a go now. thanks in advance. P.s sorry about the pics. Trying to get them to...
  6. C

    Frizzle chick! What mix does this look like?

    I have a week old chick that definitely looks like a frizzle! The girl I got him (we've been calling it a 'him' because it's so much bigger than its siblings and it's got a bit of an attitude :p) from has a silkie roo, a BCM roo and a cream legbar roo. She's not sure what breed her frizzle hens...
  7. Elie And Her Flock

    looking for bantam chicks in washington

    Hey guys! One of my chickens has recently gone broody, and we decided that now would be a perfect time to raise another baby chick. Our flock is half bantam, half standard, and currently, we're looking for a bantam to add to our flock. If anyone in washington has bantam chicks (any breed except...
  8. PinkLadyLVT

    WANTED: Exhibition/Breeder Quality Ayam Cemani, Lavender Frizzle Cochin, and Lavender Bearded Silky

    WANTED: Exhibition/Breeder Quality Ayam Cemani, Lavender Frizzle Cochin Bantam, and Lavender Bearded Silky. Looking to breed and keep as pets. Willing to buy eggs and young chicks. MAY be open to pullets/cockerels or adult birds depending on quality, price, location, and temperament. Located in...
  9. R

    Pullet or cockerel

    Help! Are these cockerels? Approx 8 weeks Old
  10. SBFChickenGirl

    Sizzles - Frizzled Silkie

    In my eight years of chicken keeping, I have never heard of a Sizzle, until today. I have owned both Frizzles and Silkies.(Though not at the same time.) I would love to see your pictures of these adorable birds!
  11. FathertoFeathers

    Is this baby chick a frizzle?

    I have a baby Jersey giant chick that I ordered from Tractor Supplies website and something’s off about it. It’s four weeks old and all the other chicks are feathering out like normal but this particular chick isn’t feathering out like the others. She only has feathers on her wing tips and the...
  12. no fly zone

    feature your favorite festive fowl

    Here is Skeksis, our frizzle naked neck in her cozy green sweater with a red & white scarf.
  13. Blueroanpainted

    Oh boy!?

    10 week old showgirl/ frizzle .... Initially thought it was possibly a hen but now not sure. When the young rooster crows we have heard another in the pen croaking like they are starting to crow, and when he's going off, she/he straightens out and stands tall? Any ideas what I've got here?? Was...
  14. P

    Chicks w/ Crest - any breed easy to tell sex?

    Hi all! Been looking through the forum for months but first time posting. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge! I am looking into getting a couple chicks with crests into our flock in the spring (I'm obsessed with how cute they are:love). The thing is that our town doesn't allow roosters...
  15. Blessed4sure

    Looking for a few silkies in North East Texas

    howdy Y'all! I'm looking for a few nice silkies to restart my flock. I'm near Longview Texas. Pm u know of anyone around with silkies or frizzled polish!?!?i hope y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving week!:)
  16. kristin06

    What color

    I'm assuming this baby is a frizzle cochin. But I'm wondering what is this color called with the blue under the red? And what color might I get if I breed her with my buff cochin roo?
  17. ChickenTenderKesha

    5 toes, feathered feet, crests, what are they ??

    I picked up these 7 chickens and didn’t think to ask the breeds and it wasn’t stated in the ad. They had been mixed in with some pheasants and the people had some very interesting birds in another pen nearby, but no other chickens besides the ones in the pens I was shown to. If there’s any...
  18. K

    Tolbunt Polish chicks or similar

    I am currently seeking Tolbunt Polish chicks or a similar coloring. Would also consider splash polish or white crested blue polish. I am wanting frizzled, but would consider smooth feathered as well. I am located in SE Missouri (Potosi, MO). Willing to travel up to an hour or two to meet.
  19. NH-Song

    Two roosters (one Easter Egger, one Frizzle) to rehome in New Hampshire

    This is my first time raising chickens and two of the cute-as-pie fluffy balls of fuzz have turned out to be roosters. I'm not allowed roosters where I live, so either I have to re-home these cuties or eat them. They're both only about 6 months old. I've attached pictures of them both; it should...
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