1. CHlCKEN

    Chicken Toys

    It’s been rainy a lot, and we have had a lot of workers coming to work on a fence and things, this stuff leads to us having to keep our birds in their run all day with nothing to do. What are some fun toys and things I can put in for them?
  2. WhatTheDuckingDuck

    Welcome to Insanity!

    Welcome to my Madhouse! Please join me in the insanity and feel free to share your insane experiences! I’ll start off with by listing my “herd” * 50+ chickens egg chickens and meatbirds * 11 Ducks 1 pekin, 5 mallards, 5 khaki campbells * 4 Toulouse goslings, more eggs in the...
  3. chicksonline

    cockerel/rooster fun!

    have ever wanted to do this with your cockerels wattles! i filmed this today (he might not be impressed but i defiantly enjoyed it! video here! his name is beefy tomato the wellsummer!
  4. WatkinsCluckers

    Fun Silkie Guessing!

    I just jumped on the Silkie train and I’ve been absolutely LOVING the Silkie life. I know the sexing of them is difficult, but they’re starting to show more of their nature and I thought it would be fun to see what everyone thinks the genders are? Check out the attachments! I have: 1 large...
  5. KDOGG331

    Name a Band

    Saw this on FB and thought it would be fun to try here so figured I’d copy it and share here!!! Not entirely sure how it will work here since it’s a little different than FB but we can try it haha ignore the repost bit. Just reply I guess. Copied it straight from FB 😂🤣🙈 Anyway.... Name a BAND...
  6. CaliFarmsAR

    Show off your GOATS! And share Goat story’s (If y’all want to show and tell stories)

    My sister loves goats and is getting 3 on the 13 of this moth she is so excited and wanted me to make a goat thread which is my pleasure she if you have goats post if y’all want to!
  7. Friendly_Lurker

    Difficult Puzzle! Winner Posts New One!!!

    39,8,92 18,68(1) 13(1) 32,28,92,16! 39,8,92 32,73(1) 117(1),8 84,21(1)43(1) 90,63(1) 10,54(1),73(1) 94,30(1),40(1),57(1),63(1). Good luck!
  8. K

    Lets play a game?

    Hello everyone! I first joined this forum because of an issue I have with one of my chicks, but now I am here to share my excitement with everyone else! I am a first-time chicken owner and want your opinions on a couple of things! I know what 7 of my 8 chicks are. They range from .5 weeks old...
  9. Silkielove1944

    Last Hope (Roleplay)

    -------- Other:- Post characters on the thread or questions: I'll be happy to answer any! Don't be I'll add the character and chat thread in the future. Notes~ Word count-1,105 words-on the forum. Notes: Enjoy! There's no required word count!
  10. Hei Hei

    **~*New Year Contest!!! Dont miss out!*~**

    I know, I know, you are probably wondering why you would participate in such a dumb contest. But I am mailing acutal prizes. This can include a number of things. But what is the contest about? Include a picture of your prettiest, sassiest, and craziest birds. There will be prizes for each of...
  11. MysticUniKitty

    2020 Flock And General Chit Chat

    Hi! We had so much fun with 2019 Flock journey that I wanted to continue it for the new year! Totally open for chatting, chicken updates, and general Flock gossip! Enjoy and let the new year of chicken was begin!! :jumpy
  12. chickenbritt5908

    Cute chicken themed tumblers?

    I know a girl who makes super cute customized epoxy tumblers. I was just curious if anyone has had any made that are really cute? Looking for ideas because chickens have taken over my life. :)
  13. KDOGG331

    In 2020 I’ll...

    So @muddy75 had a great idea over on the quail thread for a new game and it is hilarious but I figured I would make a new thread so can continue without completely taking over :lau So you might have guessed from the title but the game is that you type in “In 2020 I’ll” or “In 2020 I will” and...
  14. CaliFarmsAR

    Show off any Pets,Farm animals!!

    I would love to see if this will be the longes post and you can show off your pets and farm animals. This is my drake. Here is my rooster Strutter.
  15. rosemarysugar

    Favorite Breed?

    Hey, this is just a fun random post! Comment what your favorite chicken breed personality-wise is and make sure to vote!
  16. john_wrightson2003

    Educational Hatch Adventure and Chat Thread!!!!

    So, i will be getting some silkie eggs from a bycer who has been so amazing to work with! And I should be receiving them the second week or so of November! I may also be getting some Lavender orpington eggs to hatch with them!!! So to fill the time between me getting them, and then the time...
  17. E

    Chicken TUTUS

    Ive heard about chicken tutus. I am debating if I should buy one for my hens. What do you guys think of chickens tutus. Are that safe? Do chickens like them(well at least don’t mind them)? Should I buy one? Thanks!
  18. Cabbage!


    One of our girls favorite treats is a hanging cabbage. They get scared of it at first, but then they get used to it and love it!!! What you need- Nail relatively long piece rope One smallish cabbage (green or red) How to- Tie the end of the rope in a knot around the end of the nail. Push the...
  19. A


    I love chickens and spoiling them until they're clacking with enjoyment. However I have other hobbies. Like roleplaying and making jewelry. So tell me are there any roleplayers here? If yes, do you like common or unique roleplays?
  20. cluckmecoop7

    How about the alphabet this time?

    Hi all, There is a thread "Count as high as you can before I post!". So I thought I would start one of these for me....just with the alphabet. ONE....TWO..TREE.....Try and be me!
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