1. T

    Dance Party!!!!

    It’s the weekend for me now soooo let’s party! :lau 😁 I’m in an oldie dance/party song mood atm :lau idk why since I’ve mostly been on a rock kick lately (tend to get stuck on one thing lol) along with other random stuff but whatever, it’s fun lol anyway….. PARTY TIME!!! 🤣😁🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳
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    Egg bucket
  3. 20211108_093445.jpg


    Egg carton for incubator
  4. Joyfillednomads

    Given 3 chickens, gave 100+ away

    Adding 3 new fully grown chickens to the bunch... in quarantine right now in chicken tractor. Gave away 100+ chickens in the last ~8 months. Hubby didn't know we were going to be taking these... hope it doesn't derail his support of incubating eggs. Maybe the various cages of different aged...
  5. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Fun ideas for chicks?

    I remember with my two year old hen that I sprouted seeds in a large pot. She could forage and make dirt baths! I was wondering if any baby bird enthusiasts had ideas for stimulating chicks?
  6. Joyfillednomads

    Old fashioned Donuts pan fried with fesh eggs

    Trying always to make stuff with eggs, of course, that's not just the same old same old thing... so this morning I made delicious donuts. The orange Halloween sprinkles are pumpkin spice.
  7. sweaterthebroodyrooster

    Strange Figures of Speeches

    What are some of the strangest, weirdest, funniest, craziest, and just plan Absurd figures of speeches/ sayings you have ever heard/ used? I’ll start, “Who pooped in your cornflakes?”
  8. sweaterthebroodyrooster

    Nature photos

    Howdy y'all, I thought it might be fun to have a thread where we can share nature photos. I have always loved doing photography, and my sister does her own photography business. Sadly my camera recently broke and I have yet to get a new one, but I still take photos with my phone. Please note...
  9. Goosebaby

    Post random images only Poultry/ Farm people will understand.

    When you realize you’re missing skin but have no memory of when or how?
  10. PippinTheChicken

    What would you be if you were.....

    WHAT WOULD YOU BE IF YOU WERE A CHICKEN BREED I'm sure you have played this game before. But here are the rules. You must say what chicken breed you would be (not your favourite, what would you actually BE!) You can put a picture of the chicken breed (optional) and explain why you would want...
  11. Joyfillednomads

    I Love having Chickens

    From first chicks to first eggs, and every grain and pellet in between. I absolutely LOVE having and raising Chickens. The waiting for the first eggs and one by one filling an egg carton. Trying to bake something special with each one. The Rewarding factor is amazing, and best expressed in the...
  12. Lemon-Drop

    Lemon’s little flock adventures!

    Hey there! Finally decided to start a thread about my two little sweethearts! My twin, @Starburst, has chickens as well. They share a coop, but this *should* mostly be about mine. Not hers. (Sorry star!) Though feel free to share about you, if you want! There are also three other chickens...
  13. PippinTheChicken

    BYC creative challenge CREATE A BYC POSTER (no prizes)- join in!

    In my challenge, you must create a poster about BYC or poultry-keeping. In can be hand drawn, or done digitally. Tip: you can use to create posters. There isn't a winner or a prize but feel free to share your creativity. @SulkyBantam I saw your art thread so I mentioned...
  14. 5

    🐓How Big is Your Flock?🌸

    Chicken raisers can have flocks of 4 to 2000! What’s your flock size? You could even share some pics of your flock🐓💗
  15. CaliFarmsAR

    ~~~Muscovy Duck Club~~~

    I have seen a lot of duck clubs, but none on this awesome looking duck!! Who doesn’t like Muscovys? I thought I would start one, that way we can learn from others, share pictures, storys, etc. How I got into to them: I have just recently got into this breed and love them already. I was...
  16. Dawnwolf1234

    Horse Talk Hangout!

    Hey horse lovers! Here’s a thread where you can ask your questions, share your horses, tell us your horse stories and more! You don’t have to own a horse to talk in this thread but please don’t get horses off the internet and say they are yours. Thanks and welcome!!
  17. Wild-Turkey

    Most Underrated Poultry Breed, Variety, or Species In Your Opinion?

    Hello, this can include waterfowl, galliformes, or if you really want, parrots, parakeets, softbills, or other birds of your choice, for absolutely any reason. Hey, go ahead and stick a mammal or plant in there if you’d like! This is completely for fun so go wild! If anybody’s curious, I think...
  18. PioneerChicks

    Bickering Breeds - thread collection

    Here is the collection of bickering breed threads. If you have a new one, post the link here! Let's try to keep only the links here, and the actual breed arguments in their own threads. Please vote and enjoy! Cochins vs. Orpingtons...
  19. miiichaelnielsen


    I've had the idea to do this for a while (I've seen Zoos do this with koi, camel or goat food for visitors.) so when I came across this antique gumball dispenser at a garage sale last weekend for $10 I just about squirted in my pants! :celebrate This thing is all metal and glass so it's...
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