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  1. KDOGG331

    Some Chicken Humor!!!

    I found these tonight and I died laughing and had to share!! :lau :th
  2. C

    Quail coop name

    Hi all, I’ve found lots of clever cute names for chicken and duck coops. Looking for some ideas for my quail coop! Thanks
  3. "Ballerina"


    Practicing her modelling
  4. MamaGer8ty

    The Hen House: What are they thinking?!?!

    Sooo I have a total of twenty chickens now and my first original ten are six weeks today. All of the twenty are outside enjoying the coop and run together. So far, everything is good, they all know their place and get along. Our coop is pretty big and my lovely original ten think they still need...
  5. rosemarysugar

    Story Time!!!!!!

    So, its story time! Tell a story of something your chicken/chickens did whether it be funny, stupid, anything! Have fun
  6. KaseylSnow

    Punk Rock Chicken Song! Must Watch! So Funny!! XD

    I found this video buried in the vaults of YouTube and I think it is my new favorite song. I knew I had to share it here because I am sure you all can appreciate it as much as I do: ...seriously. I can't stop singing it. This video should absolutely be viral.
  7. M

    Funny story New member introduction

    Hello my name is Mel. I have two feather babies Dolly and snowie. I have had them since three weeks old and are now 3 years old. They are my first chickens I have ever owned and I have loved them like children.. when they were small and needed incubation and protection from the elements dolly...
  8. chickenful

    Just Chicken'in!

    Hello all! Just a newbie saying hi! Looking forward to kickin' it with yall!
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