gape worm

  1. sziemba

    Chickens Having Breathing Problems Over Last Few Weeks, new symptoms, please help!

    Over the past month it seems my flock has been having a lot of health problems. My fat hen(2yo Barred rock), sorry sweetie, started having breathing problems, showing some of the signs of gapeworm. So, I the did the first round of treatment for both my hens and chicks(14 weeks) for gapeworm...
  2. 1234chicken4321

    Ill chicks, please help??

    One of my chicks being raised free range by its mums (it has two) seems to have a cold. It stops every few seconds and seems to look up and wheeze with a rare sneeze. It still runs around and eats fine but its had it a few days and seems a bit worse. I know how quickly they can go down hill, so...
  3. M

    Gapeworm or respiratory????

    I’m not sure if I should treat for gape or respiratory issues??? She just started doing this this monring. I got her from someone about 6 months ago and she’s always been raspy sounding but I never really worried about it becuase there were no other symptoms. No discharge from the eyes or nasal...
  4. B

    Ivermectin for ducks and where to buy?!?

    I've read a lot about giving ducks ivermectin for gapeworms and giving it to them orally but all I can find online is injectable, pour on, and paste. If anyone can help me get in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hanaero

    Peahen breathing issues

    Hi there, We have our peahen Peanelopea who has been having breathing issues. We have seen a vet with her who suggested it could be gapeworm and/or treating for Mycoplasma (despite not having standard symptoms of Myco), vet also said she was underweight and a bit run down. Treatments being...
  6. C

    Gape worm HELP!

    We have reason to believe our beloved Roo has gapeworms. Anyone ever experience and successfully treat? I’m REALLY trying to help him at home before going to the avian vet as it’s terrible hard to get an appt right now with things the way they are. I’m very worried as he’s wheezing and gasping...
  7. tiffanyo

    Does anyone have Ivermectin in Cleveland?

    Hi. My 6 week old chick clearly has gape worm and I can't find any Ivermectin b/c Tractor Supply had to pull it off shelves because of COVID. I am in Solon Ohio and was hoping someone close had some on hand that I could buy. Don't know if she is going to make it through the night without it...
  8. kitchenwdinah

    Respiratory Infection (Duck)

    Our duck Boston has been having respiratory issues since November. In November she developed a high pitched cough. It was rare so we thought nothing of it. In January she was open mouth breathing. We took her to ER, she was treated with antibiotics, antifungals, and dewormer. She got so bad she...
  9. L

    big problem for small rooster

    Tiny weighs 460grams, we got him with the rest of the flock at the end of March 2019. He is my smallest bird at the moment most of my others are Plymouth barred rocks with a few little bantams. Tiny is gaping the classic stick the beak up and gasp for air. He started this on Sunday. It wasn't a...
  10. C


    i have had two chickens display strange symptoms that i think i have narrowed down to gapeworm. i have put Safe-Guard in their water but just wondering how long i should leave it there. do i allow them to finish the gallon? should i only leave it in there a day or two? any advice would be...
  11. Iriss Crazy Coop

    I think my hens have gapeworm HELP

    Hi! I think my birdies have gapeworm and, being organic I'm not sure what to do. The chickens will constantly shake their heads and don't seem to have other respiratory issues so gapeworm is right where my head went- I attached a video of the chickens below. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks
  12. onthefarmnj

    Respiratory disease or gape worm??

    Hi, this is my first post here. I'm hoping to get some advice. I have 5 chickens; 2 are adults (not sure how old, I got them as adults about 4 months ago) and 3 are 21 weeks (I got them at 12 weeks). About a month ago, I lost a 6th (adult) bird to a red-tail hawk (I have had chickens for...
  13. HCBeck

    5 day old chick behavior

    I just noticed one of my Australorp chicks twitching her head and gaping. No noise came from her mouth. She is eating, drinking and otherwise acting normal except every so often she will do this. I have 8 chicks total and they have had earthworms twice in the past 3 days. Am I overreacting or...
  14. J

    5 day old chicks rattle breathing

    Hello everyone. Let me start off by saying I just started treating my flock of hens with ivermectin paste and water dissolvable antibiotics 3 days ago due to either gape worm or a respiratory infection. I lost the original hen that started showing signs but all others seem to be stabilized now...
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