1. S

    Indoor versus Outdoor Brooder

    As I get ready for chicks in the spring, I keep reading that chicks are very dirty/dusty and will ruin a room in your house if you brood them indoors. My mind immediately began considering an attached, but unheated garage which stays around freezing or above in cold weather. I bought an ecoglow...
  2. D

    Old chicken door original barn- third bay garage, so cool!

    Hey everyone! Cleared out my garage and found an old door that must be for chickens back in the day. We were moving our small coop into the third bay of the garage where it is conveniently located. Made a nice setup and my neighbor who happens to be a carpenter made a nice little ladder/ramp to...
  3. mego21

    Egg Box in Garage

    I’m building a new home. It will have an attached garage. I have an idea to make an egg box built into the wall of the garage (kind of like a dog Door ;). My plan is just to have 3-5 chickens in a shed just outside the garage, and the egg box will be in the wall of the garage. My contractor is...
  4. BackItUp.PlayItSlow

    Moving chicks to garage while waiting on coop?

    Hi All, I am new to this, but we've decided it's time to move our chicks out of the house (between the smell, the dust and the lack of space it's beyond time). My question is will it be ok for them to be in the garage for a week or so while we get the coop built? We have it framed, but not...
  5. cluckkatie

    Garage Transition?

    I'm thinking that once my chicks are four weeks, I'll take them out of the brooder and move them into the garage. It gets down to thirty degrees in there. Will it be too much of a drastic temp drop for them? Or do you think I should keep the lamp on in the garage and then eventually taper off? I...
  6. C

    Brooder heating in garage question

    I just took home my 2 week old chicks yesterday. I set up their brooder in a large storage bin with a heat lamp on a stand in my garage. California weather is mild right now. I read they should be a good 85 degrees in there. Last night i adjusted the lamp to an exact 86 degrees (according to...
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