1. E

    Newbie genetics and egg colour questions

    Hi all, I’m new to breeding and understanding genetics and have so many questions. To start, I’m wondering how the blue/green egg genes translate and what happens when you breed a Silverudds Isbar with blue egg layers (cc Legbar) or olive layers (marans/ameraucana mix)? Does the green genetics...
  2. AgnesGray

    Any idea what's up with my chick?

    Two of my leap day chicks of the same breed (bonus points if you can help identify breed) have a lump under their beaks. This one worse than the other. Could it be genetic or food related? The other chicks have started pecking at it and I'm going to have to separate them. They do get...
  3. GwynMil

    Questions about chicken colours

    Hi, I'm trying to learn about chicken genetics and general appearances. No breeds in particular. 1. Blue or green eyes. Heritable? If so, dominant or recessive? Can't find any info at all. (not talking about ocular Marek's) 2. Some breeds have black eyes. What happens if they're crossed with...
  4. MysteryChicken

    Chicken Breeding Projects, For 2020!

    Hello chicken peoples, I would like to hear your breeding projects for 2020? Here's a couple projects I'll be working on, and/or continuing. My 2020, Breeding Projects: #1. Wheaten Crele Orpingtons #2. Non-Fighting Muff GameFowl My Future Breeding Projects: #1. Crele Silkies #2. Rainbow Laying...
  5. LunaMarieWolf

    Egg color genetics?

    I have a question about egg color genetics. Does the roo pass on the egg coloration to his children? Is it the hen who passes the gene on? Or is it a mix of the parents eggs colors. Like if you breed a brown layer roo to a white layer hen, is the daughters of this mix going to lay white...
  6. Nadinthecountry

    Cream Legbar Crosses..

    Hi all! First post on this fab forum So we have a little flock with a cream legbar rooster some cream legbar hens, a maran and bluebelle. We are literally hatching as I type and just wondering if anyone can advice on the genetics and passing down the sex linking gene when he is crossed with...
  7. chickmamat

    Hatching / Breeding- when? Genetics and coloring.

    Hi all, I have my first rooster. He is 4 months old and has been quite busy with my hens the last few weeks. My hens are all over a year. Is there a specific age that my rooster needs to be to be fertile? Or is he good to go? Also, I’m wondering how the genetics and coloring will work. I do not...
  8. H

    What color will the babies be?

    If I breed my buff Cochin bantam roo to my black Cochin bantam hen, what color will the babies be?
  9. N

    Pavlovskaya x Barred rock

    Hi I am new to this forum and maybe I am not posting at the right place so let me know please. I am from canada and I am mating my pavlovskaya rooster on my barred rock hen and I want to know more about the genetic of the offsprings. I know they should have the comb of the pav roo but other than...
  10. rascal66

    My very own mixed chicks, share your mutts!

    I'm doing lots of hatching this year, and the breeding is all done here. With that being said, I would love to share what the chicks come out looking like! My main Rooster is a Light Brahma. He's a big boy and is over my 13 hens which includes: Easter Eggers, GLW, White Leghorn, Buff Brahma...
  11. duckduckseuss

    Ancona Duckling Colors (?)

    I hatched 3 precious Ancona ducklings over the weekend! First one named “Doctor” hatched on its own with the exception of my making a safety hole after internal pipping. I’m wondering what color doctor could be considering the s/he is ALL YELLOW AND PINK!!! Literally no markings whatsoever. And...
  12. rascal66

    Understanding Light Columbia color genetics

    With my current set-up, I have a Light Brahma Rooster over all my hens. Last season I hatched about 8 chicks which all still hold onto the Light Columbia pattern very closely, with the exception of one chick that looks like she got a bit of the dark brahma's pattern just a bit (Currently don't...
  13. CoturnixComplex

    CC's Big List of Coturnix Quail Studies

    Disclaimer: there are so so many of these. If you're interested in working with a specific gene, please google it along with "research" or "study" and chances are you will find way more information. If you find something great I missed, please post it! Let me know if any links go down and if...
  14. SemiQ

    White Zebra Finch?

    I've got a friend with some zebra finches (4 to be exact) and they have hatched two groups of eggs. Eight the first time and now four. The first eight were all normal coloured finches but this time one out of the four is a white finch with a bit of a darker head. None of the parents look like...
  15. SBFChickenGirl

    Will I get Sex-Links?

    I have no clue if this is the right forum or not... but I was wondering if I would get autosexing chicks with the hens being Golden Comets/Red Sexlinks and the Roos being Production Reds. With Golden Comets the roos are white and the hens are red when born. Am I going to have to play the...
  16. GoldenFlight

    Color identification

    I've hatched about 4 or 5 pigeons now that I just can't figure out what color they are. I was hoping some of you guys could help me out! :) Ps. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  17. TwitchChic

    Wheezing Chickens(video) - Respiratory Panel NEGATIVE - What else?

    My two buff orpington have been wheezing since March. No other symptoms, only these two chickens. I sent in throat swabs to Zoologix to do their Poultry Respiratory PCR (tests influenza, Aspergillus, infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngotracheitis, infectious coryza, Ornithobacterium...
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