golden laced wayandotte

  1. ThickenTheChicken

    Make or female.

    I have an ameraucana (Image 2), golden laced Wyandotte (image 1), and salmon faverolle (image 3). Female or male? Asking because one is more aggressive, and friend questioned another one. Ameraucana and golden laced are 3-4 weeks. Salmon is 4-5 weeks old.
  2. P


    I'm starting to get nervous I have a few roos... I'm fairly certain about the 1st guy... not sure what to think of the others...they are just 5 weeks so I know it's hard to tell yet. Just wondering if anyone has any gut thoughts. I couldn't get a good shot of the light gray one but got tail and...
  3. Lacie4weeks.jpeg


    Golden laced Wyandotte, Lacie 4 weeks
  4. wildflower_whimsy

    Wyandotte Suspects

    Out of my 14 chicks, I mostly only suspect my 4 Wyandottes of potentially being roosters. They have had the most comb and waddle growth, and I've noticed some turning red. I know Wyandottes are one of the more difficult breeds to sex. What do you guys think? ^-^ (They are 2 months old) Chick #1...
  5. treebabys

    Update on mystery chicks breed? Gender?

    I have some strong ideas on breed and gender but I wanted to see what you all thought about it. Pretty sure I’ve got a barred rock, White Cochin, golden laced wyandotte, black copper marans, and a mystery brown chick. They are all supposed to be rare or brown egg layers and they came from Murry...
  6. farmgrl7

    Golden or Blue Laced?

    So back in March, I had bought 4 “Blue” laced Wyandotte pullets from TSC. I lost one within the first week but after they started growing, I noticed I had a cockerel, oops. BUT!...I have a silver, golden and I’m not sure on the 3rd. I’m hoping she’s blue. Not too happy with my chick experience...
  7. Indigo a la mode

    10.5-week-old Buff Orp and 3 Wyandottes - what sex?

    Hi all! I've been raising my first chicks for the past 10 weeks. I'm pretty confident that two of them are girls and have had a sinking feeling for a few weeks that one is a cockerel. the fourth one I was sure was female but is suddenly giving me cause for question. Help me out? Pretty sure...
  8. cluckmecoop7

    Cluckmecoop7's Thread *COME JOIN THE CHAT!*

    Come Join The Chat with Cluckmecoop7! I own chickens: I own fish: So why not share stories, pictures, facts, etc. about our pets????? I made another thread sort of like this one, but it did not get very many replies. It only went to page 3. I want this thread to GET...
  9. SplashyDashyChicksHatchi

    Update and Questions(of course there are questions)

    So it's been a while! The flock is doing great, we are now getting 4 eggs a day(yet to find out who are laying them). We are up to 13 chickens now. The 9 original(3 RIR, 2 BR, 2 LH, 1 ALP, 1 GLW roo) and now 4 new golden buffs. My mother got confused when she went to pick up the chickens(she had...
  10. T

    wyandotte x favorelle cross

    does anyone here have blrw or glw hen crossed with a salmon favorelle roo? i will be getting a sf roo and plan on letting my blrw and glw hatch some chicks out, so im curious about the appearance
  11. H

    Hi, again!

    Hello! I left for a little bit but came back. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Emma (not my real name, I don't believe I'm allowed to say my real name), I live in California, and I have two chickens. Hazel, my 9-month-old Golden Laced Wyandotte hen, and Hope, my year old White Plymouth Rock...
  12. GLW Chicks_5 days

    GLW Chicks_5 days

    First day we brought home the chicks (~5 days old) from the feed store. Hazel - left, Enid - center, Goldie - right.
  13. Roger98

    Over preening or is my chicken sick?

    Hi, I've tried to find an answer to this problem EVERYWHERE but nobody else seems to have the problem I'm having. I have 4 white leghorns and 2 golden laced wyandottes (they're a year old next month). All of the leghorns are healthy and are doing great! But the wyandottes feathers look awful...
  14. JoycieBoycie

    2 four month old roosters need a home in Southern Idaho!!

    I have 2 gorgeous boys that were hatched in mid-August that need homes. I am near the Twin Falls area in Southern Idaho but I'm willing to travel, especially if I know they'll go to good homes. I have asked local farms and placed ads, but have had no interest shown in them :( Please, if you...
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