green eggs

  1. NxNEChick

    New to BYC

    I love my new chickens! Six hens — 3 Buff Orpington and 3 Dominique. A few of them just started laying. One of the Orpies lays beautiful green eggs which threw me for a loop! Was doing research and found this group which confirmed my suspicions about having an BOxEE. She also looks really...
  2. Just Rosie

    True Ameraucanas?

    Ok, I've seen this thread a million times, I'm sure you're all sick of seeing it :lol: but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I did a lot of research before purchasing my chicks from a very nice breeder that was quite a drive for me. She was listed on the ABC breeder directory, though I...
  3. Raptorchick

    Newbie blue/olive egg question...

    I'm not a chicken geneticist or breeding for anything in particular, just a curious hobbyist ... I hope I'm posting in the right forum :oops: I have a few cream legbar eggs due to hatch anyday. I was thinking about the beautiful blue eggs I might get someday, when it struck me; I've hatched a...
  4. iroeldjoeldj

    Redlands CA Blue/Green Egg Chicks for Sale

    Gorgeous baby chicks for sale. 1 week old. Mother hens are Easter eggers, olive easter eggers, and Ameracanas. Rooster is Black jersey giant. I'm hoping these chicks have deeper blue and deeper green large eggs with this cross. I’ll take back any that become roosters. #babychicks #greeneggs...
  5. Miriah132

    Green egg layers (olive, avacado, mint, etc)

    Hey y’all! Can I see your green eggs and what crosses you used to get them?
  6. Eelantha

    Olive Eggers vs Isbars: Which Breed is Better?

    On one side we have the ultra-rare breed whose name is the Isbar, known as the only purebred and single comb chicken that lays green eggs on earth. On the other side we have Olive Eggers, known to most people as Rooster Marans x Ameraucana hen hybrids (though there are other cross varieties...
  7. Englishable

    Egg color?

    We have some Rouens that are laying really well right now. According to Metzer, Rouens lay about 35% blue/green eggs, and we are getting about that from our five hens. But my husband and I want to know: Do some ducks lay all blue eggs or do all ducks lay some blue eggs? :) For example, if you...
  8. Alliegeiger

    Should I price Spearmint Olive eggers the same as Olive Eggers?

    I have a little flock of mostly BBS Ameraucana (my single Roo is BBS) with a couple BCM, Olive eggers and Faverolle in the mix. I have been selling some true blue BBS Ameraucana eggs($3/egg), and the few Olive eggers I get from my BCM gals($2/egg) and Easter Eggers from my light brown layers...
  9. HeidiEmbrey

    Is there such a thing as a bantam Olive Egger?

    Hello, I'm looking for a bantam chicken that will for sure lay green eggs. Risky to get an easter egger but I may do that and just chance it :) Are there other bantam chickens that lay green eggs? And are Olive Eggers a new breed? Are bantam Olive Eggers available anywhere? Thanks :)
  10. HeidiEmbrey

    Bantam breeds that lay blue pink green eggs?

    Hey ya'll. Sorry, new, still clueless and learning..I'm trying to figure out what I want from my future flock of chickens and I think what I really want is eggs I can't buy at the store, tiny, blue, green, speckled, just unusual eggs. I'm allowed 4 hens..I think I would like one to lay tiny pink...
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