1. F

    First silkie babies! Progression pictures/sex guesses for funsies!

    Back in April a decided to embark on my first hatching egg journey. I had been wanting to try for a while. I inherited my first flock of chickens when I bought my house and when we switched to silkies I got them as pullets, So I missed the chick stage twice. The pullets seemed lonely in the...
  2. R

    Rhode island chick with wartlike growths around the eyes

    Has anyone encountered muscle-like cyst growths around the eyes on a 2-4week old rhode island chicks. No issue found on their eating/drinking. Still active just has the growths. Photo is attached. How do you treat this? Thank you in advance for any response.
  3. P

    Please help! Face growth on precious peahen!!!

    Hello, I have a darling peahen named Bubble, sadly in the last few weeks I noticed a growth appearing under her beak on her face, I wasn’t sure what it was and whether it was something to worry about or if it would just go away on its own. Unfortunately, the growth has not gone away and has...
  4. G

    My 8 month old chicken stopped growing 7 weeks

    In late July last year my chicken had some babies, they seemed to be fine until about seven weeks ago, one of the baby hens stopped growing. her mother and father are both normally sized birds I’m not sure what is causing this. of this batch, they all shared the same father (though had different...
  5. P

    Help eye is swollen shut and the growth has pushed the beak out of line. Difficulty eating and swallowing

    Came into the coop today to let them out and this little one seems to, from what I can feel when I went to clean her eye. Has had it either pecked or scratched out. There is no sensation nor sight of an eye underneath all the massive swelling. I don’t have a clue what might have caused this but...
  6. C

    Limping, swollen leg with hard bump

    Hey my polish hen (1y/o). Has been limping for a while and we noticed her leg at the joint was swollen. We’ve been trying to keep her comfortable to heal but recently we noticed a growth/bump on the same leg but not by the joint. She doesn’t have this bump on her other leg. Any ideas what it is?
  7. arizona_chicken_noob

    3 months old... About when do they reach full size?

    I am totally new to chickens and my Dominiques are 3 months old now. I'm wondering, about when are they full grown and/or how large should I expect them to be? I know that Dominiques are slightly smaller than other breeds, and I know "five pounds" is a weight estimate, but I am clueless to the...
  8. MapleValleyAcresPoultry

    Stages Of Kits (Baby Rabbits) Life From Day 1-8 Weeks

    Stages Of Kits (Baby Rabbits) Life from Day 1- 8 Weeks. Author: MapleValleyAcresPoultry Date: 10/19/2021 DAY 1: Domestic Female Rabbits kindle in a nest/brood box normally on day 31 of their pregnancy (though they occasionally will kindle earlier or later) and when she does, day 1 of the new...
  9. M

    Sudden Growth on Turkey's Back

    Hi all! I'm currently away at college and my family sends me updates of my pet Broad Breasted White turkey back home. Last night I was sent these pictures and told this growth showed up on his back within the day. My parents let him out in the morning with no sign of it and by the time they...
  10. Rodayan

    Bone spur on wing? Can't find any info on what this is

    Hi there, One of my chickens has a weird growth on her wing. She's had it for about a year now and it keeps getting bigger. At first it just looked like a fat lump covered in skin under the feathers, but now it has like bone growing out of it. She doesn't seem at all bothered by it, she was...
  11. anna p

    What is this large hollow growth?!

    My partridge cochin has been keeping her distance from me for several days now, but still eating, drinking, and laying just fine. Today I noticed she was walking strangely, so I picked her up to examine her. She seemed to have some hardened poop on her foot, so I put her in a warm bath to soak...
  12. A

    CRX help- slow down but still keep healthy?

    This is our first time raising cornish cross. They are currently 8 weeks (today actually) and we have given a controlled amount of feed and pulled feed at night for their entire lives. They are absolutely at slaughter weight and a few are starting to have issues walking. I could not get into...
  13. M

    Chick has bald hard spot to the left of crop

    I noticed this morning that one of my 14 day old chicks has a bald spot to the left of it’s crop about the size of a dime. When I touch it the area that’s missing feathers is hard and I can feel the margins. Otherwise the chick is healthy and the other chick with it has no issues. Is this a growth?
  14. S

    What is this GROWTH(??) on the turkey's CHEST :(

    This is on behalf of my sister. We are states away so I can't inspect on my own. She just noticed this. I'm not even sure WHAT it could be, it's under the turkey's chest. It seems to have randomly showed up within a couple of days because she hasn't noticed it before. She says it is "fused" to...
  15. Y

    My cocks are huge!

    I've been raising roosters for two years now and these cocks just haven't stopped growin'! They've gotten to the point where they are larger than my youngest child Richard, and it's becoming almost distressing. They're just so big and I have no explanation for it, but I figured I would share...
  16. H

    Chick Not Growing

    My EE chick is about two and a half weeks old and is smaller then my one day old Ameracaunas and I wasn’t sure why this is? The chick is otherwise healthy it just hasn’t grown at the same rate as my other EE’s and I was wondering if there’s anything I can do?
  17. K1MM11

    Help! Aruacana stunted growth? Or huge wings?

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could share their knowlage or opinions on my 3 & 1/2 week old (Australian) Aruacana. I am concerned because he has always held his wings low or relaxed instead of tight to his sides, and I noticed today that his a lot smaller then his siblings. It's almost like...
  18. Fishychix

    What is it?

    I just reintegrated a female quail into an existing covey that contained her old friends and new offspring. She is still being very standoffish and hides all the time. She used to have an injury on the top of her beak by the eyes but I thought that had healed. However, she still appears to have...
  19. T

    Hard Giant lump/tumour on comb. (?Lymphoid Leukosis)

    So this is crispy. I think crispy is about 4 years old (maybe more). Isobrown. Non-egg layer. Great personality. Really slow and lethargic, sometimes falls asleep during the day standing. But seems happy. Still eats, drinks and scratches. She has been like this for a many years, growth appeared...
  20. R

    Chick slow to feather

    Hello everyone, first post here. I've had chickens before but I'm new to chicks. I have 8 chicks (8 different breeds) purchased from Rural King on September 26- so they are at least 4+ weeks old. One of my chicks (thinking either a Barred rock or Dominique) is less half the size of the other...
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