1. K1MM11

    Help! Aruacana stunted growth? Or huge wings?

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could share their knowlage or opinions on my 3 & 1/2 week old (Australian) Aruacana. I am concerned because he has always held his wings low or relaxed instead of tight to his sides, and I noticed today that his a lot smaller then his siblings. It's almost like...
  2. Fishychix

    What is it?

    I just reintegrated a female quail into an existing covey that contained her old friends and new offspring. She is still being very standoffish and hides all the time. She used to have an injury on the top of her beak by the eyes but I thought that had healed. However, she still appears to have...
  3. T

    Hard Giant lump/tumour on comb. (?Lymphoid Leukosis)

    So this is crispy. I think crispy is about 4 years old (maybe more). Isobrown. Non-egg layer. Great personality. Really slow and lethargic, sometimes falls asleep during the day standing. But seems happy. Still eats, drinks and scratches. She has been like this for a many years, growth appeared...
  4. R

    Chick slow to feather

    Hello everyone, first post here. I've had chickens before but I'm new to chicks. I have 8 chicks (8 different breeds) purchased from Rural King on September 26- so they are at least 4+ weeks old. One of my chicks (thinking either a Barred rock or Dominique) is less half the size of the other...
  5. Pharsewear

    Growth on side of eye

    I noticed this on my girl about a week and a half ago, and thought maybe she just got picked on by another chicken, it wasnt that big. I was away for a week so I went to go check her out and it got bigger. Can anyone tell me what this could be? I like to treat them myself if I can. Any thoughts...
  6. S

    Large hard growth on belly of RIR, need help asap

    I have a 1.5 year old RIR who a few days ago started acting strange, penguin walking. she had an enlarged belly, it felt hard, almost seemed like there could be two eggs in there. started searching online, her symptoms matched EYP or egg bound. did the bath with epsom salt + gave her calcium...
  7. Watermeat

    Round balls coming out of chickens feet

    Two of my hens are having a little issue. One of them has not been walking for two days now, and one has been limping for around the same amount of time. I inspected them for injury and found these round black-brown balls that pulled out from between their toes (the one not walking only had...
  8. samemerson17

    Rooster with Gout? Need advice!

    Hi everyone. This is my rooster, Jerry. I got him from a farm after seeing how much trouble he was having when trying to walk. He had bumblefoot & leg mites when I first got him. I took care of that and although he still had a hard time walking, it was much easier for him. The swelling of his...
  9. WatkinsCluckers


    Noticed that there is a growth on one of my Silkie’s nose. I haven’t notice anything else from any of the flock. She seems fine. They do come out and free range for a couple hours a day. I put vetRX on it today 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyone have a clue to what this could be?
  10. A

    What is this growth on my chickens beak

    Hello all! I have searched and searched and can’t seem to find anything on this. We have an adorable and sweet 4 month old Speckled Sussex and about a week ago we noticed this growth. At first I thought it was a giant tick! Then thought wart but now scared it might be a tumor of some kind...
  11. AdiShakti

    Abnormal growth inside egg: help identify the problem

    First time posting and joining- I usually find answers here without the need to post- but I have found something weird I can’t find anything else like it! This came from one of my smaller Sultan hens. Came from inside the egg. To me it looks like an underdeveloped eggshell inside the other egg...
  12. B

    White growth on chickens leg

    My dwarf silkie chickens have had some white leg growth for a while now. They're aren't noticing it themselves and it doesn't bother them but it worrys me that I have no clue what it actually is. I have searched the internet and now I'm asking here. What is it? Is it harmful? If so how do I...
  13. C

    Mysterious Growth

    Hi, one of my girls was feeling down yesterday, and after tlc she's perked back up. Just noticed this strange growth near wear her tail feathers come from... Please help with advice on what to do!
  14. electriclights

    Canker? Growth on and in Roosters mouth.

    Hello, I need help identifying what I pulled out of my roosters face. I have a polish rooster who I noticed a week ago had a huge growth on his mouth. I don't know how long it had been there as he has a big old head of hair that hangs and covers most of his face. I separated him from the rest...
  15. WallyBirdie

    Adam Growth Pics

    Pictures of Adam's growth and development. Put together out of nostalgia when I went through older pictures.
  16. BestDiscoMan13

    Cockerel or pullet?

    Watch this video to see more pictures of them.
  17. ChickenLover741

    Brahma hen with what appears to be a giant growth on head/back of neck area

    I recently got two brahma hens from a fair, and I couldn't tell them apart except for that darker coloration on one of their faces. Now, one of them has a huge protrusion from the back of her head and at first I thought her feathers had gotten rumpled, but I'm fairly certain it's a growth at...
  18. rascal66

    Need advice for helping out hens with bad feathers

    Hello! So about 2 months ago, had a guy who needed to re home 70 hens asap. We gladly took them in, and needless to say, the poor hens didn't have a ton of space in their last home, which resulted in feather pickers. So today I want to focus on how to go about getting these hens feathers back...
  19. BielefelderHen

    Day old to... *pics included*

    Hello I've decided to show off my Partridge Cochin pullet who was helped out of her shell and is now steadily progressing. :celebrate Day old: 1 week 2 weeks: 6 weeks: Moe pics to follow hopefully...!
  20. Kezzahh

    Identifying gender

    How accurate is this? Based on the feather growth I'd say I have 3 hens according to this so if you have any experience with this let me know if you think this image is accurate. Kez
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