guinea pigs

  1. Nats Chickens

    What could I do with my youtube channel?

    I have a new youtube channel with a little bit of stuff on it, but I am void of ideas. I have 8 chooks, 5 guinea pigs, 9 goldfish and a puppy who could star on it, but I don't know what to do. The web doesn't need anymore care or animal health videos than it already has, and I want to do...
  2. Nats Chickens

    Come and chat 'bout your Guinea Pigs!

    Hi everyone, I have tried to start a guinea pig chat thread before, but it didn't hit off so I am trying again. These are our guinea pigs. Teazel, Female Abbsinniyan. RIP Buttons, Teazels sister, female. 2 months old, October to December, 2017. Snowy, Teazels other sister, female...
  3. Nats Chickens


    Hi this is a chat thread for guinea pigs, where we talk about or guinea pigs and various other things. So come and talk about yourself and your pigs!
  4. Emmakeoghoreilly13

    Is my guinea pig pregnant?!

    she's been sleeping loads and staying in her tunnel a lot and only coming out to eat and drink please help
  5. chicken lover #1

    Guinea pigs

    this is a thread for anyone who wants to share info on their Guinea pigs because I am thinking of getting two. I have a couple questions like how long can they go without cleaning there cage, how many square feet do you need per Guinea pig, and how much does hay, food and treats cost per month
  6. SillySilkie

    Guinea pigs need a new home (NC)

    This is not Chicken related, but they are pretty much farm animals and I need them gone, because they live in a long cage in my room but it becomes unsanitary very quickly. Does anyone want two female guinea pigs? They are 3 years old and healthy. Looking for a serious owner who isnt going to...
  7. Cluckcluck1215

    Attempting the unattemptible?

    Alright.So ya'll areprobably fed up with me posting threads about animals.I post here because I am not allowed to join other forums, most of the time. But, My sister and I have come up with a plan.To Attempt it, Or to not attempt it, is the question.We are thinking to attempt, the...
  8. KDOGG331

    Guinea Pigs

    Anybody own them? I've been considering them lately. I saw the cutest ones at Petsmart today. I want them so bad :hit Anybody have them and have pictures and stories or care tips? Thanks
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