1. MapleValleyAcresPoultry

    When should female Guinea Fowl start laying eggs?

    Hi all! So I have some guinea fowl that hatched on May 24th. They ended up all being females, which was a blessing. I've owned Guineas for a few years but I've never had females- only males. So I'm super happy to have these. :D But my question is- when should they start laying eggs? They're...
  2. Crazy Duck Lover

    Murray McMurray Reviews!

    How’s was your experience with ordering fowl from McMurray? How was their customer service? We’re there any DOAs? How are the birds that you ordered doing now? How is there egg laying? Would you recommend/buy again? Anything else you’d like to add! I’m looking for reviews on all fowl, not just...
  3. Jessica Jones

    4 Guinea Fowl For Sale $25 each Must buy all 4

    Selling 4 of our Guinea Fowl $25 each must buy all 4, they are 5 months old. Located in Readyville, TN, About an hour away from Nashville.
  4. C

    Baby guineas

    I put 12 eggs in my incubator. This was my first time incubating eggs, only 1 hatches but another make a crack but didn't make it. And since I didn't want that one to be alone I was looking and found 4 guineas that are only a week older. So I bought them and they look good so far.
  5. J

    Guinea flock observations

    I just love my guineas. It's funny. Bare with me thru a story before I gush on my guineas. I swore up and down we wouldn't have chickens when we moved to the country. I had zero interest in the nastys. I grew up with them and had nothing but unpleasant memories. But we bought and overgrown...
  6. T

    Guinea hens didnt come home

    My guineas are approx 2-3 months old. I've had them since keets. They have been in their coop/run outside for about a 1-2 weeks. But tonight they didn't come home bCk to thier coop, Im worried. Will they come back tomorrow?
  7. J

    Had to join to ask a question haha

    Hi I'm Jessica, I recently started raising chickens and guineas. The guineas are hands down my absolute favorite well a week ago I had one of my girls go broody ((and then a second!)) Once I finally found the nest I have been going back and forth on whether or not to try to build some type of...
  8. MissTracy

    Hatching Keets in an NR360??

    Hey y’all! I have been raising guinea for a few years and am in my second year of trouble hatching eggs in my Nurture Right 360. Last year I added new stock to my flock to enhance their fertility, and that has worked as candling 1-1/2 weeks in, 18 out of 22 are developing. However, when it comes...
  9. vickers6504

    Guinea on nest of eggs most not hatching

    Guinea is on the nest and stays on the nest almost all the time. 3 of the eggs hatched between 2-3 days ago and are doing fine. In the nest 1 pipped and started getting out and another just pipped a bit. Those 2 died. I think the membrane got to dry. I have candled some that are remaining and...
  10. MapleValleyAcresPoultry

    Anyone In Northeast TN Have Any Guinea Fowl For Sale??

    Good Afternoon! I need some Guinea Fowl around 2-5 months old for my grandfather. They will be free range. Does anybody have any they want to get rid of or know anyone who does in Northeast TN? Thank you all so much!
  11. T

    Guinea hens are showing weakness

    I went to check my guinea fowl coop this morning and found that 4 of my hens barely responded to my presence. The are very disoriented and have trouble walking, the worst of them cranes her neck inward severely when stressed (when I was handling her). The four hens are all last year's hatch and...
  12. britneyT

    Tapping Guinea Keet?

    Hi! I’ve come here because Google won’t give me a straight answer and I’m also a bit impatient. I have two guinea hens and recently, one had five babies (unbeknownst to us) and she is known to abandon the nest before all the babies hatch. Last time she hatched Little let’s, they all disappeared...
  13. FarmAir

    Guinea x Ring-neck pheasant Hybrid

    So, I used to have a bunch of ringneck pheasant and my husband accidentally left the door open and everything but one of my albino hens took off. I didn't want to get rid of her and she was lonely so I figured pheasants and guineas are both aggressive types of birds so I put her in the pin with...
  14. Meet My Chickens

    Meet My Chickens

    Jaeden: Golden Laced Cochin Bantam Hen Covid (he was sickly when we got him): Partridge Cochin Bantam Rooster Timmy: White Bantam Silkie Rooster Riley: Barred Cochin Bantam Rooster Percy: Blue Bantam Ameraucana "Hen" (I think he's a rooster) Regina: Dark Brown(?) Standard Ameraucana Hen...
  15. K


    Hi all! First off.. I have learned so much from reading these threads! Every time I popped a question in google about my guineas this was the first site listed and it has been soo helpful! I want to say thank you to all for that! I am brand new to the poultry world and I currently have 4 two...
  16. T

    Shipped Guinea Eggs

    *This is my first time using incubator* I bought some guinea eggs and they were shipped out on Monday- they arrived today. I was told wait 12 hours before putting them in- which will be about 10:30PM tonight. Is there anything else I should be doing to help this be as successful as possible...
  17. MissTracy

    Great Color Pics Today!

    I love these babies! So much fun!!
  18. 4

    Chickens noisiest amongst poultry

    I have ranked poultry by noise level according to information I could find. Do you agree? Feel free to post your own rankings. 1. Chickens (Rooster crows are really loud) 2. Geese Eastern Eurasia derived (Africans are loud and super Africans even more so) 3. Guineafowl 4. Turkeys 5...
  19. IdeaSmith

    Hello from Washington State

    Hello! I have been raising chickens since I was a kid, though back then it was a family flock. Last year I started my own flock of chickens, and I couldn't be happier. There is something so pleasing about collecting eggs every morning. Generally I raise chickens for the eggs, and for their...
  20. A

    Is this a guinea egg??

    I know it’s off their usual season and she is rather young (5 months) but this egg isn’t like the others and up to today I only had 1 egg laying chicken. All the eggs I have are from the chicken but you can see how different this one is.
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