1. Tre3hugger

    Pallet/Scrap Wood/2x4 coop build:8x4 coop for about $250(Pic heavy)

    I built this using 2x4s and pallets/scrap wood. I also bought roofing materials. It's 8x4xabout 9 ft high and cost around $250. I'm a novice builder, and this project presented a lot of...problem solving opportunities. Not much was square etc due to the recycled material but I made it work...
  2. bluebellknapp

    Guineas vs Coyotes

    I just witnessed something amazing. I heard loud raucous calls from my flock of Guinea Hens. I raced to the window and saw them surrounding a young coyote and herding it toward the river. They chased it across the river and stayed on the bank screaming at it for a long time. By that time I had...
  3. H

    Guineas saved chickens?

    Okay so our biggest issue is goshawks - ferocious, aggressive, and brass goshawks hunt our free range chickens. They will try to murder them right on our porch! We do our very best to deter them. We recently added some guineas (successfully; knock on wood) to our flock. Still not 100 on both...
  4. B

    Chicken+ Guinea Update

    We've gotten addicted. It's only been a few months and I'm hopeless. Update on the Chicken Flock We got 22 new chickens. All of them are female but three, but the person who gave them to us accidentally bought full Rhode Island Reds instead of Bantams, which is definitely a problem seeing as we...
  5. WallyBirdie

    Where No Chicken Has Gone Before!

    I was watching my birds today and one managed to gravitate to a part of the property that I usually steer them away from. I got up to herd them back towards the others but stopped to watch... as the little fella hop-hop-hopped... into a patch of weeds and after a grasshopper. He ate the...
  6. WallyBirdie


    I like to say "Guineas are stupid people." And I say this with humor and affection. They can be clever... to an extent. But how smart are they? ALL of my guineas can easily jump/fly over the fence to free range. They do this regularly. This is intentional. But... getting them BACK into the pen...
  7. WallyBirdie

    Integrating Juveniles

    I have an adult male and female guinea. I had a small flock but gradually lost a the others over the years. Those two have been alone for a while and while they do fine together, they'd likely do better in a group. I picked up 6 keets and raised them in a brooder, then put them in a temporary...
  8. Catbunnychick

    Feathers, but not sure if guinea is missing...

    We do not have any guinea, but we fenced in 1.25 acres of our yard with a special cat fence (deer fence, curved in like a prison, 3 feet of hardwire on the bottom). As we were building it, the neighbors adult Guineas kept getting in. After the fence was built, we noticed that they would fly out...
  9. WallyBirdie

    How Did This Happen?!

    If asked how many chickens, I say "Over a dozen," and that seems sufficient. It's certainly accurate. After adding a few and hatching a few, my new answer became "Oh, around 30, I think," which didn't seem too bad since I have the space and resources. Today, I realized that I've been going...
  10. AMoritz

    When do guineas pick mates?

    I've had guineas for a couple years now but I've never paid attention to when the young ones choose their mates. Now I have 3 young lavenders that I want a pair out of. When do they pick their mates? Before breeding season in spring? I'm thinking about possibly putting the lavenders in their...
  11. WallyBirdie

    Introducing juveniles to older guineas?

    I have 4 new guineas, bought as keets and now turning juvenile. How do I introduce them to my older guineas? My older ones have a good temperament and get along with all other animals in my yard (chickens, goats, cats, etc). What's the best way to do this? Also, a rather silly question. My...
  12. KaleDaDuck

    My Guineas escaped thier cage.. Can i leave them in the garden?

    So i have 5 guineas and a baby chick im not sure how old are they but id say 2.5 months.. This is the second time they escaped the cage.. (btw its impossible and i mean impossible to catch those guys) so yesterday i cleaned thier cage gave them plenty of food and drinks and a watermelon and oh...
  13. Anita Scott

    Pearl gray Guineas

    I still have lots of keets for sale. 14 -3 week olds 26- 10 day 3- 1 day olds My incubator is full and still hatching. Running out of room for them. These seem to be the healthiest and hardiest batch that I have had. Selling for $4 each I am in Ozark County Missouri. South central part of the...
  14. KaleDaDuck

    Baby big duck duck ☺❤

    Hello everyone. So i got some ducks they just hatched from the incubator so i thought why not put them with the guineas.. That sre about a month old. Now i was expecting the guineas to attack but apparently they were scared of the ducklings .
  15. R

    New Member Introduction

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? No, I've had chickens most of my life. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I only have 10 right now, but I am expanding. (3) What breeds do you have? Buff Orpington and Black Dominecker (4) What are your favorite aspects...
  16. Lyndssxo08

    Guineas and Snakes?

    Hiiiii everyone! I found a pretty big black snake in our backyard a few days ago (literally deathly terrified of snakes - I'm not going to lie LOL). Now all I can think of is trying to keep snakes from getting anywhere near our coop and run. I have been googling and asking around in regards to...
  17. C

    Can guineas help keep predators down

    I have 5 male guinea, 1 rooster, and 9 chickens and 7 female guineas, the girls all get along, after I gave the boys their own space. I bought them all together and this July they will all be a year old! Party! Does the sound of the guineas help keep predators down, I don't mean owls, I mean the...
  18. tail_feather

    Wanted: Hatching Guinea Eggs

    Looking for hatching guinea eggs to purchase. Does anyone have any to sell? Thank you in advance
  19. Guinea Fowl

    Guinea Fowl

  20. Guinea Fowl egg

    Guinea Fowl egg

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