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  1. P

    Please Help, Sickly Chickens

    Today I picked up 6 pullets from a poultry supply store. It wasn’t ideal but I couldn’t find any local breeders this time of year. Upon inspecting them at home, I found poultry lice all over them and at least one of them was sneezing every minute or two. I’ve heard all chickens have a few lice...
  2. K

    possible mycoplasma in 4 week old silkie taking Baytril

    Hello, I'm a first time chick mom, 3 weeks ago I got 9 1-week old chicks (7 of them from one pair of parents and 2 of them from another, from the same breeder, no MG free certifications here in a small city in mexico) they had been all raised together for at least 4 weeks, and were all...
  3. Akpahsj

    Hen Making Gurgling Noises, Lethargic and has Diarrhea?

    Not sure what is up with my hen :/ I let my chickens out to free range this morning and I saw her jump out of a nesting box after everyone was gone and walk outside. When I came back after putting the chicks in their outdoor run, I noticed her laying down and making gurgling noises. When I...
  4. N

    Gurgling /wheezing when breathing, squishy mass in crop.

    Hello all, I have an approximately 5 year old Brahma hen displaying respiratory symptoms but also with crop issues. I noticed she has been a bit lazy the past few days but couldn't find any other issues so wrote it off. Yesterday, however, I noticed her breathing was laboured and with every...
  5. writergirl

    Chicken Cold?

    Two days ago I noticed Barbecue, my 1.5 yr old Barred Rock, was sneezing and not coughing but wheezing/gurgling a bit. I've listened to her breathe by putting my ear to her back and her lungs sound clear. She has no swelling to the eyes, or head. She has no nasal discharge. Her comb and...
  6. B

    Bantam with ongoing respitory rattle. Help!

    Hello all. We bought a young mixed breed bantam hen off a lady keeping her in her backyard, who could no longer keep her. When we met little Chickpea I was so overwhelmed with her cuteness that i totally forgot to do any of my normal checks on her. The lady also had a dog, and other birds, so it...
  7. Sunshine Flock

    Rooster's stomach gurgles when drinking water

    Sometimes I hear his stomach when he's not eating or drinking water. But I often hear gurgles when he drinks water. He's healthy and he's done this before. I probably first noticed it six or seven weeks ago. It was a bit stronger today. Any suggestions as to why his stomach gurgles? Could he...
  8. Jonessa

    Gurgling/sneezing? Please help!

    hi everyone! I started with chickens this spring. They are now 20 weeks old. One of my GLW pullets started making a strange gurgling congested sound, accompanied by a head shake, almost like a sneeze or cough (I've never seen a chicken do either, so not sure!). It's been about 10 days now. It...
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