1. H

    Hawk protection withOUT netting? Covers? Flash Tape? Help.

    I live in an area where hawks are . . . abundant. We are trying to design our run and are really wanting to avoid netting the top if possible. We'd like to do some pasture rotating and so the fence line will be changing often. Many sources I'm seeing say to just offer a place where the chickens...
  2. C

    Help! Something just killed 7 layers!!! (Picture that might be considered graphic)

    My husband just found all these hens dead in our pasture. We have had hawks regularly killing and eating our chickens. They seem to attack once very couple of weeks. This attack took place in broad daylight. I’m including the pic because you can see the damage if you zoom in. We’ve had fox in...
  3. pine_lore

    Hawk Roosting above Coop

    For over a month (it's winter here) I've had a hawk roost in a cedar tree right above the coop/pen/run area. It hasn't been an issue because the flock is wintering in their predator proof pen. My chickens don't even know the hawk is there due to tarps on the pen to stop wind! However, I am...
  4. SarahLadd

    I know now what killed my bird. What next?

    I was in the yard today, sunbathing 3 feet from the coop, when I saw it. A hawk came over the house, barely visible because it was so high. And then it circled around. And again. And kept coming lower until I could really see the detail on it. Taking no chances, I ran to grab my birds. I must...
  5. spunky-chicken

    Is there a loophole where shooting hawks is legal?

    Hi, I live in Larimer county Colorado, and apparently shooting hawks is illegal here. I've never lost a chicken too a hawk but for some time now hawks have been killing my racing pigeons. I've been looking through county legislature and ordinances but mostly the laws are conflicting. I'm not...
  6. D

    Big birds as a hawk deterrent?

    I live in central Virginia and have a Cooper’s hawk that has become quite a nuisance! No love for this hawk.. it comes to my yard several times a week that I observe so likely more than that. Sits in my trees and watches my chickens. Has tried to fly off with one before but I got to it in time...
  7. Phantom_k9

    Any Battle Strategies for Hawks?

    Good Morning soldiers, We are at war! Just yesterday we lost a bird to a hawk. We have always had hawks around our place, but they have never been interested in our flock until now. Within the past two weeks, the amount of them has nearly doubled, and two days ago I saw two of them perched in a...
  8. M

    Reflective vests?

    I just lost a hen to a hawk. My flock has been free-ranging for nine months now and this is the first one I've lost to a hawk. Free-ranging them is the only option I have at the moment, so I'm now trying to think of ways to prevent another hawk attack. I've read that hawks don't really like...
  9. IMG_20200803_152046772_HDR.jpg


    Just a few days ago we discovered a hawk in a tree right next to our chickens. Turns out, it's a family of 5 (I think Cooper's) Hawks. This was my quick fix to keeping them at Bay. The run in an of its self is temporary. We shall see how this keeps HUNGRY Hawks away!
  10. CommunistEgg

    Reflective pinwheels

    Has anyone had good luck with a reflective pinwheels or similar for deterring Hawks? I woke up to three Hawks, one being a large redtail in our yard scoping out our hens. Our set up is far from perfect or even complete, it's a fairly small space but half is a portion of our garden that we...
  11. BigNan


    I’m a new chicken owner and we have a mobile coop we move around so that we can rotate the chickens. But we’d like to expand the cage more so the chickens would have more space. We currently have a top on because we had problems with hawks when the chickens were younger. But we’d like to make a...
  12. M


    We saw these hawks swoop down almost to the coop! They are those small white dots circled in yellow. I missed it but luckily we caught it on the cams. We had one chicken that was on the outside of the coop, thankfully she didnt get picked up. Our chickens are getting pretty big so we hoped the...
  13. cvlcite

    South Florida Predators?

    Hey y’all I live in urban south Florida and I have 2 hens! I wanted to know if anyone knows about what possible predators there could be around here. When I say urban I mean like city I’m nowhere near any wildlife areas so I know I don’t have to worry about bears or anything. I’m concerned about...
  14. Neggative

    Killer Hawks

    I need some ideas for hawk defense... so far i have had 11 of my full grown hens killed and eaten by hawks. + 2 banty roosters. I've been trying to figure out a way to keep them away but havent found the solution. putting up nets is such a eyesore and i don't think fishing line would work either...
  15. Verbon30

    I want to free range but I'm afraid of halks and dogs.

    I want to free range but I'm afraid of halks and dogs. I got 3 Ameraucana. I got silkies to but I don't dare let them free range. the hawks are not to much bigger then the Ameraucana so I'm not sure if they would go after them. I think they are red tale hawks. I guess they could fly away from...
  16. tayjamieson

    Eagle's and Hawks Landing in my backyard - going for my chickens & ducks

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been a able to get on but the past 2 days I've had to chase an eagle out of my backyard that was about to grab my pekin's and chickens. I am surrounded by farm lands/crops so my area always has eagles and hawks around. I've been pretty lucky to say they...
  17. R

    Too many hawks

    Hey. We live in the woods but our yard is really open to hawk attacks. We've had a few really close calls but thankfully nobody has met their doom...yet... Does anybody know if there's a way to keep hawks away?? (Hehe that kinda rhymed!)(sry I have a weird humor...)
  18. Quailberries

    Opinions on supervised free range?

    Ok, so here's my situation- Right now I have two 2-1/2 week pullets and two 1/2 week old pullets. They're housed separately right now, and we're planning to introduce them to each other pretty soon, and hopefully have them all outside in the coop by very late April/early May. While we still...
  19. Chicalinga

    What Killed Our Beautiful Chicken "Chubby Chic"

    Q 1. I keep the chickens under the deck of the house, that is where the coop is. It's chicken wired in and they are pretty safe near the house. However there are large birds hanging out on nearby branches! The other evening (before dark) I heard the chickens squawking. By the time I got to...
  20. duckienae

    Ovulation is a beautiful thing!

    For chickens, that is... My mom and I share a small flock of (currently 12) laying hens on her property in Poulsbo, Washington. We've been raising chickens for several years. Our girls have a small hen-house at the back of mom's old barn, with about 900 square feet of fenced-in hen yard...
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