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  1. SouthCoastEasterEgger

    Having trouble sexing adult Coturnix Quail

    So I've hatched out a few batches of Coturnix Quail, I have varying ages now- all at least 7 weeks old up to 20 weeks old. Some are from other breeders, and the last batch was from eggs of my own. For my first hatch, at about 7-8 weeks I was able to vent sex using the foam that males produce...
  2. NSKDodge

    HELP me sex my chukar

    Why is this so difficult? Maybe someone here can see what sex my little birds are... Chukar #1 is the more petite one, the body and head are smaller but it has little bumps where spurs would be. Chukar #2 has a larger body... more block headed but zero spur bump... I asked the vet and they say...
  3. Lhynes1478

    Help sexing silkie?

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