1. O

    Henhouse layout

    I'm working on coop plans and I'm a totally chicken novice. So can I have the nesting box entrance also near the pop door entrance or will that upset the hens to have too much traffic near the nesting boxes. Picture included. The first nesting box would be about 10 inches away from the corner...
  2. cluckmecoop7

    In the morning: feeding time. ???

    Hello again everyone, I have had my chickens in their coop for almost two weeks now. In the morning, I usually feed them 20-30 minutes after they are let out. This gives them time to find out what the day is like (wet, dry, cold, hot, warm, humid), and stretch their wings. I was wondering if...
  3. dundee7

    "outbreak" of Salmonella.

    Cases of Salmonella "outbreaks" are being reported in Montana. We need look no further than politics and weighty government control to see what this is pecking at-More foxes guarding the henhouse. For those of you..and there are many,thankfully, who oppose this unwelcomed intrusion into our...
  4. Sonya9

    How to incubate/raise chicks with a broody hen *video*

    Hey all, I made this video to cover the basic steps for incubating eggs in a henhouse along with giving a broody store bought chicks (or chicks hatched in an incubator). It was made for preppers, but 85% of it covers the steps needed so others that have not yet used a broody to hatch out eggs...
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