1. Arbutus Peregrine

    Wildfires and smoke — hazardous air quality — Herbs for respiratory health?

    We are experiencing the worst air quality in the world today here in Portland, Oregon due to wildfires ... not something to brag about. My chickens are hanging in there and I’ve given them loads of extra trreats...but I’m wondering if there’s more I can do? Thinking about soaking herbs for...
  2. Just snacking on some fresh lemon balm

    Just snacking on some fresh lemon balm

  3. S

    Dying plants

    Hi, I was buying some plants for my new herb garden in Walmart and I saw a bunch of dying/dead plants being thrown out. I hated the thought of that so I asked the manager if I could have them and she said yes. So, now I have 18 very sad looking plants and I don’t have a clue what to do to help...
  4. The Ballet Chicken

    Herbs for Chicks?

    Hi, I was wondering if you could put herbs in the brooder, water, and feed to help the smell, fight diseases and what not. I have some dried lav and cham and other fresh.
  5. BReeder!

    What would you put in your garden for poultry?

    We currently have chickens (8), turkeys (2), ducks (4) and quail (lots!). Although it's the dead of winter here in Illinois this time of year, Spring is not very far off. We will be prepping the garden in late March and starting to plant in mid/late April. We like to grow all sorts of...
  6. EggSighted4Life

    Alternative and Natural Wormer's...

    Hello and good morning fellow BYCer's! :frow This thread is focused on those who use alternative worming methods such as DE, pumpkin seeds, herbs, red pepper flakes, ACV, etc AND are willing to put up before and after fecal float with species and load count numbers to help stop the arguing as...
  7. carlyducks

    Can ducks have Herbs?

    I found these at Tractor Supply.. Are they safe/healthy for ducks? The bag says so, but I just want to make sure this isn't something junky for them that they are better off not eating.. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/innovation-pet-healthy-hen-herbs-blooms-650-11
  8. E

    Hello from Aisha Bauer from eSutras Organics in Chicago

    My name is A'isha Bauer and I am the founder- owner of an organic health and wellness products manufacturing company, (for humans, till now - but from 2019 for animals and plants alike - we are all interconnected ;) in downtown Chicago. Over the past few years, my husband Chris and I have been...
  9. S

    Sourcing Eggshells

    So, I'm gearing up for an experiment in next summer's garden. A recommendation went by from a nearby herb farmer to use eggshell mulch around herbs that need to be kept drier than our local climate allows. I did get clarification that they meant a mulch, not a scattering of shell like what...
  10. Jannisol Sanchez

    Oregano leaves for button quail

    Is it okay to feed fresh oregano leaves to button quail?
  11. Dancing With Chickens

    Hung some herbs up in they're brooder today, they sure do love them!

    It smells like Christmas in their brooder today, as I hung up some Rosemary, Basil, Mint, and Peppermint. Basil was the clear favorite! I like to hang herbs or chop some up for them, and they love them! You guys should totally try it, it's safe for them to eat! Credit to the idea comes from...
  12. classicsredone

    What Herbs are Your Favorites for your Flock?

    This is a question for those of you that somehow incorporate herbs into your flock's diet, either while foraging or as part of their daily feed. What herbs do you use? What benefits have you seen, if any? If you could make a mix for your flock, and the cost was not an issue, what herbs would you...
  13. C

    New chicks

    planning on getting my chicks next couple weeks and I want to be ready. I’ve got the brooder and planning to use paper towels for awhile for their messes. Had chickens before so I’m not a total newbie but that was several years ago. Wondering besides chick starter, can I introduce acv to their...
  14. I

    New Here-IBETEXAS

    Hi... I’m Carol, I have 9 hens (various breeds), 1 rooster, all raised together. They are free range. I’m also an avid gardener, however my new chickens (last year) ate ALL my lemon verbena and Hydrangeas which I care for very much! I haven’t planted my veggies and herbs this year (obviously...
  15. CapricornFarm

    Seed Swap!

    I know lots of folks have extra seeds sitting around and might be intetested in swapping seeds, bulbs, roots or whatever for gardening. All BYC rules apply, they will not be responsible for swaps not completed. The person shipping is responsible for postage unless otherwise agreed by the...
  16. T

    May I use herbal oil as a chicken food?

    I see that my chickens love uncooked oil. I thought of making my owl herbal oil for them by using a bottle filled with oil and herbs like oregano, green tea, graminace, princess tree leaves, sage, eucalyptus, garlic, onion and apple vinegar. A friend of mine uses it and his chicken are so...
  17. featheredplanets

    Quail care?

    How much ventilation do quail need? Or how much is too much? I would like to buy six standard coturnix quail hens as pets and make an old 5x4 Wendy house into a home for them. I hope to make a second door of mesh that I can leave open during the day. I’m also wanting to take the front and side...
  18. DaviJones

    Leftover Herbs as a Treat Any concerns?

    I recently made a salad which included the fresh herbs parsley and mint and was wondering if that'd be a good treat. Neither herb is poisonous right? I'm kinda worried about the parsley. Thank you in advance! They are 8-10 weeks old. Have grit(just small rocks that I found in the dirt, I...
  19. Michael Propst

    My Chicken Story

    Introduction I am still new at raising backyard chickens and learning more every day, this community has been such a valuable resource for me and a true gift of loving, caring, knowledgeable, and helpful people as I have tried navigating raising my small flock of backyard chickens. I truly...
  20. Peckadoodle

    What culinary herbs will you add to your 2018 garden?

    Time to start planning for next spring's garden. While tucking those plants that must be protected into the greenhouse, I realized that a couple of delicate herbs have been growing around here for years. So, am interested in what herbs you grow, which ones you grow for your chickens, and your...
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