1. Tre3hugger

    My maple syrup experience 2020

    This was my second year in the maple game. As a real lover of trees(see username lol) I was really attracted to the idea of making syrup. I also really value that added 20 minutes outside a day in march when the cold winter has been keeping me in. Last year was mostly for learning, with three...
  2. Lone Star Leghorn

    Amateur Radio

    Anyone here a HAM radio operator?
  3. FluffTheDuck

    Share your hobbies!

    Yep, share what you like to do! Whether it's feather glittering or anything, share it! If it's something crafty you can post pictures! If it's like origami you can post pictures! If it's feeding wild ducks bread you can post pictures! Share what you love to do, here!
  4. Reeceyd17

    New Member Introduction

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Fairly new to chickens. I inherited 3 Bantams about 6 months ago (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 6 (3) What breeds do you have? 3 Bantams at 3 years old 3 Jersey Giant chicks at 7 week old (4) What are your favorite...
  5. Peachfuzz221

    Suggestions - Reading Watching, etc.

    Hello everybody! I am basically looking for recommendations on just about anything and everything; books, movies, music, hobbies, etc. Consider this a thread where you can just drop and share your favorite things and maybe have a little chat with me about them. I am using this thread as an...
  6. BYCforlife

    The instrument/music thread!

    Hello! I only found a dead thread on this topic, so I thought I'd start another. I play bass guitar, a little bit of guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, ukelele, and I am learning to play violin. It's going pretty well so far! I used to play piano and harmonica but I got bored. :D Please share...
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