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    House Rooster

    Hello! I have been reading posts and advice here for a long while! My name is Tonya and I live in Brevard County FL. I recently (last 6months) took in a rooster who has special challenges. When we took him in as a rescue, we were told from a friend (who had tried to take him in herself but her...
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    Travels With Chicken?

    So, here's my story. I live with a large, brave, loyal, six year old rooster. Okay, wait... There is a back story. Six years ago a man who was a monster died suddenly, leaving behind 20 chickens. He was so hated nobody would even care for the animals, and I ended up being one of the...
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    Is There a ROOSTER In The House?

    Meet Herman, the House Rooster! Herman is a Blue Splash Silkie roo who hatched the Saturday that Hurricane Irma hit. His name was, in fact, Irma ... until "she" started crowing! Herman was very sick as a baby. He was the only survivor of a poorly shipped hatchery order of six. We spent a...
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