1. mshap7

    Too high humidity

    So it turns out the hygrometer on my incubator has been really inaccurate. On day 12 of my muscovy eggs and the new hygrometer I got says it’s been 60% humidity in there :( I took out all the water and put a sock with rice and a dry sponge in there. Humidity is slowly going down to the 50’s...
  2. jjhllnd


    How important is tight humidity control. I feel like I am stressing over it to much. I can’t seem to keep the humidity at 58-60. It stays around 65-70 constantly. What are the effects of the this? What is the appropriate humidity range? Also I have played with the plugs but it didn’t help...
  3. P

    Emergency hatching no incubator

    Long story short, my first time broody abandoned her eggs at around 18-20 days (different egg age by up to few days). I have noted her out and about and not coming back to the nest anymore and not willing to sit despite my efforts. I am a first timer and very spontaneously decided her to let...
  4. KaleDaDuck

    Brinsea incubator humidity won't go up!

    @BrinseaUS Hey so im incubating guinea eggs this is my first try with the ovation 28 ex im now in the last 3 days... I removed the turners added the hatching matt and increased the humidity and closed the cap to its minimum... I set the humidity to 75 percent.. And it won't even go above 65...
  5. B

    Humidity level goals in duckling brooder?

    Hey there, I’m getting 6 Rouen ducklings soon. I was wondering what a good range of humidity level is inside their brooder. I know it’s important that it cannot be too wet, otherwise mold will grow. Thanks!
  6. A

    Help Quail chick hatched early can I open during lockdown?

    Hi all. Day 15 put eggs on lock down this morning and just checked this evening and a quail chick just hatched (not yet fluffy) looking a bit sleepy but only one other egg pipping. Humidity stable at 40% which is low so I turn on the mist maker every few hours to get it to 65%. My question can I...
  7. G

    Humidity won’t go down??!!

    I’m on day one of incubating my eggs. Temperature is perfect but the humidity seems to be really high?? I tried using sponges and had no decrease so have now put rice in. Will it take a while for it to change? Any of suggestions?
  8. L

    Help! Incubation Humidity

    So I know I did this completely wrong but I ordered eggs off eBay and one of my orders was delayed. So some eggs got put in a whole week and a half before the others. So now my dilemma is what to do with the eggs that are a week behind. Since I will be having to take the automatic turner out. I...
  9. TheBajan

    Humidity Level Poll

    There is a wide range of opinions regarding humidity levels. Looking online for recomendations from both incubator manufactures to large and small hatcheries, it can be a bit daunting. Some say to keep it at 55% and others recommend 35%. It's a bit overwhelming for a novice. So, please let me...
  10. TT43

    New hatcher needs help Day 18 chicken eggs

    Today is day 18, 6 of the 9 eggs have movement inside (I discarded the other 3). Here is the temp and humidity. What do I do from here? This is my first time. I also included the pic of my incubator. Pictured is egg 1
  11. A

    HELP Humidity and airflow help needed before quail hatch

    Hi all I need to raise my humidity I’ve read all the posts and have baby jars with paper towel wicks in and hand towels and as many bowls as I can fit however still not reaching (only hitting 30% max) I have an in vent and exhaust vent with fans on both to increase air flow. I am concerned the...
  12. FathertoFeathers

    What should the humidity percentage be?

    I have a dozen Serama eggs that I'm getting ready to hatch and I've heard so many conflicting things about he humidity percentage. I live in Memphis so its usually pretty humid and that does affect my incubators humidity levels. Im worried about the humidity getting too high. What has worked...
  13. C

    Advice on Goose eggs nearing hatch in a Brinsea Mini

    I have 3 Goose eggs with that I began incubating on the 11th of April. It was a complete experiment, something to keep me occupied during quarantine- I wasn't sure of the age of the eggs or if they were fertilised. And the Brinsea is the only incubator I have, not ideal for goose eggs I know but...
  14. M

    Hatching Problems, Requesting Advice ASAP

    Hello, I've been incubating duck eggs over the past month. They entered lockdown on Friday and I had one duckling pip on Sunday and hatch yesterday (day 28). As I didn't want to disturb the humidity and risk shrink-wrapping their siblings I decided to leave them in there. Unfortunately they are...
  15. D

    Information for successful Duck egg hatching

    Hi everyone, thanks for the add!! I’ll try to be as clear as possible. We have attempted to hatch out our Peeking duck eggs. Out of 7 eggs only 3 were fertile and 1 successfully hatched. So we are going to attempt again this time with 14 eggs. I’ve been collecting and storing the eggs at room...
  16. P

    Humidity Help

    Hi I hope you all well. I would like advice or information. I noticed the humidity in incubator was maybe around 40-60 in first two days then I noticed and lowered it to 35. Those two first days of incubation would really affect the egg? Plz help. What would happen.
  17. MandysDuckTails

    Hatching humidity

    Hi all! I am on day 21 and I currently have four out of my 11 chicks hatched. My humidity has dropped to 63. I’m wondering if I should add any water to increase humidity or just leave the chicks alone?
  18. S

    Help! My humidity is 89 and ducklings just hatched this morning!

    My ducklings just hatched this morning and my humidity is 89! How do I lower it?
  19. F

    Should I go by %humidity or weight loss during incubation?

    I'm currently incubating 4 pilgrim goose eggs that I ordered online. I had an issue with my scales at the start of incubation (whoops) and so have to disregard my initial weights on arrival unfortunately. Since resuming weighing at Day 9 each egg has lost approx. 1g per day, and I've been...
  20. tanner17567

    Help!! Advice Needed on Air Cell Size and Adjustments to Reach Ideal When Incubating Duck Eggs

    Hi there! This is my first time incubating duck eggs and I have been doing all the research I can to ensure a good hatch. I’ve always heard that duck eggs are far more difficult than chicken eggs, and I really want to do my best to bring these babies into the world! So, with that said, I read...
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