1. KDOGG331

    Some Chicken Humor!!!

    I found these tonight and I died laughing and had to share!! :lau :th
  2. farmgrl7

    For Giggles

    So I’m researching guinea fowl. I have some eggs in the bator so this is new to me from keets. I had 4 adult hens in the past but that was a terrible experience for me. ANYWAY, I wanted to research sexing, which I have found answers, but along my search I came across this video. If you want to...
  3. WallyBirdie


    I like to say "Guineas are stupid people." And I say this with humor and affection. They can be clever... to an extent. But how smart are they? ALL of my guineas can easily jump/fly over the fence to free range. They do this regularly. This is intentional. But... getting them BACK into the pen...
  4. BGcoop

    Maybe she should be an accountant when she grows up?

    Tonight I was watching the movie Speed with my teens. They had never seen or heard of the movie before. About half way through my daughter says to me, “with all this destruction happening, wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just pay him the money?”.
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