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  1. cloverhs

    Ideal Poultry *d'Anver* with feathered legs?! Mutation or mistake?

    So we have a two week old Self Blue d'Anver chick, Fig. We got him February 11th along with 16 other varied bantams (*not Ideal's choice of assorted bantams, we picked them all out ourselves!). I got three d'Anvers in total, 1 Quail d'Anver, 1 Blue Quail d'Anver, and the chick of the hour, Fig...
  2. A

    Black shamo from ideal poultry

    Hello guys I am considering purchasing black Shamos from ideal poultry, but want to know how they would look like when they are older in the 8 months plus range because the pictures I have seen are of younger chickens none of older ones thus far. Also, how are their temperaments to other...
  3. WannaBeHillBilly

    Anybody has experience with ?

    Hi friends, i like to buy some magpie ducklings this spring, but either the hatcheries have a 15 duckling limit or they don't deliver to WV, all but Has anyone ever ordered ducklings from them?
  4. Dr.GarryTTucker

    Ideal Poultry

    how are the Cornish rocks that ideal pumps out? I accidentally posted this elsewhere and wanted to move it. Anyone had experience this year?
  5. idealpoultry

    Hi there!

    My name is Nathan and I am with Ideal Poultry. We've been missing the last few years from the forums, and I'm relatively new with Ideal, so I thought I'd introduce myself! I work in the hatchery here at Ideal Poultry, and I'm part of the 4th generation of the Fuchs family that owns and operates...
  6. weeboing

    UPDATED: Chicks Missing in Transit

    I ordered chicks from Ideal Poultry and they were shipped on Tuesday. I called today because the post office still has not received them. The last tracking scan was in Texas on Tuesday so no one has any idea where they are... :( While I am sure that Ideal will make it right for me, I am...
  7. B

    Opinions on Ideal Poultry Hatchery?

    Hello, I'm having a shipment of bantam chicks coming in tomorrow from Ideal Poultry, and I am curious about anyone's experience with the hatchery. Have it been a positive or negative experience? What was the quality of the chicks once they grew up? I want to know what to expect.
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