1. J

    Ayam cemani

    Fertile ayam cemani hatching eggs and chicks for sale. Message for details. Have a bit of a waiting list for chicks
  2. khorvath

    Chickens to become legal in Des Plaines, IL

    After several failed attempts with city council to allow backyard hens in Des Plaines, last night we made our case again (2 years after our last attempt and after several new Aldermen were elected). We collected over 400 verified signatures from residents and made a great presentation. Despite...
  3. SapperSix2019

    Need a person to process Chicken and Turkey - Roxana, IL

    Looking to hire a person to correctly process some chickens and turkey. We live in Roxana, IL zip is 62084.
  4. SapperSix2019

    Chickens & Roosters for sale in IL

    Hi all, we are down sizing our flock! Come spring I'll be able to create a safer free range area for chickens and will re-grow our egg laying flock. We have lots of different breeds to choose from. The chickens are 6 months to 1 year old mostly egg laying hens but we do have a few nice quality...
  5. Baybrio

    Muscovy Northern Illinois Ducklings and Youngsters

    Muscovy ducklings and young ducks available in Northern Illinois. Ducklings are about 6 and 7 weeks. Youngsters are a couple of months old. I have blue pied, black pied, and I believe cream pied. They free range during the day but I don't pick them up so they are tame but I'd say not "pets"...
  6. BReeder!

    Rouen ducks in Illinois

    Anybody have Rouen ducks in IL? Or even NW IN? I have 3 Rouens and 2 are looking like drakes. I really want 2 hens and 1 drake. I am willing to trade the extra drake for a hen if you have an extra in your flock, or buy a young Rouen hen. I could even hatch eggs if you have fertile Rouen eggs. My...
  7. YellowBird0

    Olive Egger Cockerel for sale in Illinois

    Hi All! One of the Olive Eggers I ordered from Cackle Hatchery ended up being a Cockerel! Formerly named Margaux. He hatched April 15th and has been free ranging for about a month now. Will eat treats from your hand and sometimes likes to sit on your lap. He is also nice to other chickens so...
  8. D

    Quincy, Illinois Chickens & Ducks are legal 2019

    i wanted to say the ordinance link for our city is not working, but I was able to find it via Google search for Quincy, Il Code Book. But we had a duck in our yard that laid eggs 20 years ago as well as a neighbor who had several. This is the link I found...
  9. S

    Help for chick near Chicago

    Hi all, just received a panicked call regarding this poor red chick with a leg issue. Could be broken or a tendon problem, but this poor little guy is part of a school hatching project and needs a home ASAP. My flock is full, but I'm willing to get him/her and drive a but to ensure a good home...
  10. chickenheadlabrador

    Chicago Southwest Burbs Looking for fertile eggs

    seeing what’s out there in my area. 1st time so don’t want to spend a lot till I get better at it. Thanks everyone
  11. BReeder!

    Illinois Quail Keepers

    Any Illini quailers out there? Let's chat! I'm new to quail still. I have contacts to talk with about chickens and I really enjoy the Illinois thread here on BYC that mainly focuses on chickens. It would be nice to have a place just to talk about quail though with my neighbors. If you keep...
  12. A

    Mixing Bantam & Full size

    hello all! I’m from Illinois where winters get pretty cold. However, I have successfully merged isa Browns (full size) and silkies (bantams)! They cuddle together in the coop, they lay together in the same spot, and roam the yard together during the day for fun. The full size keep the silkie...
  13. Mrs B33

    Warren County & Abingdon, IL

    Hi! I’m Mrs husband and I just bought a place with a few acres. I’ve always wanted to be at least partially self-sustaining, so I plan to start in bees, goats and ducks. I’m hoping to find close, like-minded people to learn from, trade skills and products with, etc.
  14. K

    Northern, IL or Southern, WI looking for matching duck

    Hello, My daughters found an egg on our property, outside of a nest and naturally wanted to hatch it. Well after 28 days, it ended up being what we think is a Mallard or American Black duck. After caring for it for about 3 weeks, it's really bonded with the girls. We tried to give it to a local...
  15. R

    McHenry, IL-free to good home-4 month Plymouth Rock roo

    We have a very sweet 4 month old Plymouth barred rock roo that is free to good home. We love him but city ordinance doesn’t allow roosters and it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago we learned he wasn’t a hen. We’ve handled him daily since he was 2 weeks old. Please help us rehome him
  16. loljusticar

    Changing Chicken Laws in DeKalb, IL

    Hello, second post here and I request help and information on changing the ordinance for chickens in DeKalb, IL. Currently, all chickens are prohibited within city limits, but there has been a community effort to get the ordinance changed about 7 years ago, with over 200 signatures on the...
  17. webbysmeme

    What happened here⁉️⁉️

    :drool ⁉️ I checked for eggs yesterday, none. I go out this morning and found five. What could have happened? I only have three hens! Can a hen lay more than one in less than (17) hours? I'm very confused⁉️⁉️⁉️
  18. SeanClark5879

    Central Illinois/Indiana Breeders?

    I am wanting to get chickens (hopefully soon) and I would love to support local breeders over large scale chicken-mills that just mass produce chicks with no real care about the chicky babies. I am basically living on the state border of the two states (Clark County IL, 25 minutes from Terre...
  19. Samannemm

    Boredom Busters in Polar Vortex

    I think someone already started a thread like this, but I couldn’t find it! Anyway, I have 3 hens (after a predator attack a few weeks ago took out my other hens) one black star, one red star, and one polish. I used to have two polish that would be picked on, but there were two of them and it...
  20. K

    Hello from Maywood Illinois

    Can anyone help??? I'm new to the Chicken world. We have 3 young chickens. I'm wondering if anyone knows the ordinance in Maywood Illinois. I've looked everywhere for information on how many (if any) chickens we are allowed to have.
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