1. Lady Gray

    Swelling around the beak

    My wedding true blue has had a growth on the sides of her peak for the last month or so. She has been treated by a vet with amoxicillin and has also received a canker treatment and nothing seems to be helping. Does anyone have any insight? Her breath does not smell bad and there are no yellow...
  2. B

    What is wrong with my hen ?

    I’m having a really tough time with my ex battery hens and feel everything is going wrong and I can’t help them 😢 one of my girls has been diagnosed with heart failure another an ovarian tumour (although with medication she’s managed to keep going for a year post diagnosis) another I suspect...
  3. L

    Chicken has a Sty?

    Hello everyone, I think my hen Raven may have a sty, can anyone help on how I should treat this or do they clear up on their own? Thank you 😊
  4. Is that an Egg?

    Sick Ducklings HELP PLEASE

    I NEED HELP!! EDIT: Could this be paint toxicity?! We painted the coop and the only thing I can think of that could’ve gotten them sick other than natural reasons is maybe they got into the paint? UPDATE #1: Black duckling is inside under the heat lamp, laying completely flat. Don’t think...
  5. CayugaMama

    Respiratory Illness? Serious?

    My 1-year-old Silkie Hen has had a swollen face the past few days. I just thought the mosquitos had gotten her, but I noticed today that she has thick white mucus in one of her eyes. And ideas as to what this could be? Should I separate her? Is it serious?
  6. C

    How many chickens have you had total and how many lost?

    How many total chickens have you/currently have and how many chickens have you lost to illness or predators? Don't include chickens slaughtered for meat, please. That is a controlled kill. We have owned a total of 24 chickens, We have lost 7 to predators and 2 to illnesses. Our ratio sucks. To...
  7. K

    Sick Pullet?

    Hello all, thank you for your time for reading this post I have a young pullet (Black Mottled Duccle?) Who has not started laying yet, was hatched sometime early April 2021, for 2 days she has been acting somewhat lethargic. She didn't want to leave her roost for most of the day yesterday, but...
  8. Aschuchert

    Is it safe? To eat poultry with canker?

    We have a hen with canker that isn't getting better, using copper sulfate and treated flock with 7 days of mix just to be sure. She didn't respond and is spreading in her mouth. We do process our roosters, I don't see anything online to say if it's ok to process and eat chickens that have...
  9. S

    Mouth breathing chicken not heat related

    Hi all, I have a one year hen who has been mouth breathing constantly. At first we thought it was heat related but she mouth breaths all day and night and the weather has been in the 70s. Her comb is maybe slightly paler than normal but she has been eating, drinking, sleeping, laying eggs and...
  10. Shmegel

    Quail Diarrhea 5 Days- Help Please (poop pics included)

    What can I do about my male coturnix’s diarrhea? It’s been going on for about five days now. I’m treating with Corid in case it’s coccidiosis. He lives alone, and he’s not acting very weird except not crowing and having no solid poop- what comes out is mostly whitish or yellowish. Here are some...
  11. W

    ASAP! Best de-wormer brand in Canada?

    Hi all! I need a de-wormer ASAP. Our flock definitely has parasites of some kind as two have died in the past week after making wheezing noises and shaking their heads and necks. Gapeworm?? Any Canadians here that can recommend a brand to try for treating our entire flock? We’re in Ontario...
  12. W

    Chicken is wheezing - and lost a hen last week

    Hi everyone, One of my hens is suddenly wheezing. She makes an inhale wheeze and then shakes her head a bit. The head shaking doesn’t happen with every breath, but often enough that it is worrisome. Her sister died suddenly about 1.5 weeks ago. Just curled up in a corner to “rest” and was dead...
  13. agold23

    Chicken narcolepsy?

    My pullet isn’t narcoleptic but it seems like she is. Yesterday evening I noticed that she closes her eyes while out and about. She is , eating and drinking and mingling with the flock like normal but she will stand there and “drift off” with eyes closed. Her eyes are clear and look normal, I...
  14. T


    My duck is one year old. She has been gasping and head shaking along with that noise for 3 months now (see the two links attached of videos at the bottom). She does this 24/7 although it slightly stops when she is sleeping. I dosed her for gapeworm using Zerofen fenbendazole last week but I...
  15. W

    How to treat entire flock for illness?

    Hi everyone! I suspect parasites or worms in my small flock of 7 hens. We just unexpectedly lost one of our girls yesterday, and the others are beginning to have pale combs, and lustreless feathers. Does anyone have any suggestions for treating the entire flock as a preventative measure? I was...
  16. W

    Why did my chicken die??

    Hi all! I was so sad to discover one of my 2yr old Bielefelder hens dead in the coop this morning. Nestled into the corner at a funny angle. No signs of illness or injury previously. It looks like she fell off the roost (only 1.5 feet high) and got wedged between the feeder and the walls, OR she...
  17. greenthebean

    Goslings dying quickly

    Hi all. We had a flock of 6 goslings about 2.5 months old. The past 2 days they have been rapidly dying. Yesterday morning one was found dead in the coops and no signs of injury. The rest were separated from the other waterfowl. This morning, the remaining goslings are all dying; lethargic...
  18. gailburt

    Muscovy Duck illness

    My duck Hazel is at least 6 years old. She hasn’t laid any eggs in more than a year. The past week or so, she has been racing to the oyster shell and chowing down on it. Yesterday, I thought she was entering her “psycho stage,” which is not out of the ordinary. Both she and her sister will phase...
  19. RayrayB

    Swollen eye

    I have a young pullet who began acting off today (staying off to herself, laying down a lot). She has no other physical symptoms, other than a small amount of swelling above her right eye. She's not displaying any respiratory symptoms, but should I go ahead and treat her with an antibiotic just...
  20. DavisHenitentiary

    Cough and lethargy? 🥺

    Hey all, one of my young Orpington hens started having a weird cough today and has been rather lethargic. Her couch sounds like a rubber chicken or that big blue bird from the Pixar short (I can’t post a video) She has no runny nose and has been eating and drinking fine. She also breathes a...
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