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  1. C

    Question about indoor quail

    So I am researching getting quail. And was thinking about keeping them indoors. I was thinking about keeping them in my classroom since I homeschool. But was not sure if that would be smart since my kids would be in and out. Would that disturb them too much where they won’t lay any eggs?
  2. Qquails899

    Is it possible to potty train a quail?

    I keep two quails as indoor pets so I'm curious if I can potty train them. If it's possible, how do I do it?
  3. 3-Tier Quail Cage

    3-Tier Quail Cage

    We need more space for our growing covey of coturnix quail, which we raise for meat, eggs and pure enjoyment. Currently we have a single outdoor cage that is 8'x3', which I built to be a movable cage - yea... not so movable.:he Now, with winter coming in just a few months I want to move the...
  4. BReeder!

    Looking for Coturnix Quail Cages

    I'm looking for a source for cages for coturnix quail. I need them to have pull out bottoms for cleaning so I can keep them indoors for the winter. I'm not trying to spend $40 for a small cage either. I keeping seeing crazy prices online. I need to house at least 50 quail, so I'm thinking...
  5. MarlyMonster

    Duck diaper collaboration project (open to anyone looking for or wanting to share duck diaper info!)

    Hi lovely people! Ever since I got my indoor duck two months ago I’ve been researching diapers for her. There’s a lot of options out there but very few actually work. This thread is fellow diaper duck owners to come together and share our thoughts on the diapers we own, what we’d like...
  6. Quincy Buttons

    Re-homing two male Button Quails in California

    Hello, I'm looking to re-home the two healthy adult male button quails that I have raised in the Bay Area (California). Recently, one of my females have passed away, leaving one of my males lonely. I have to go to college next year and I need help to give these guys a new home! They have been...
  7. HappyFeetHens

    Taming Doves

    In March 2016, I bought two diamond doves from a pet store (first problem). The pet store was completely clueless and it was clear the poor things had never been handled. They were very skittish. They’ve definitely bonded on each other, and that’s good, because when I can’t be around, they have...
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