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  1. FathertoFeathers

    Name Ideas For Jersey Giant Chicks

    About a week ago I ordered some baby Jersey Giant chicks (females) which are expected to ship on Wednesday! Im usually pretty good with names but right now im stumped! Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. FathertoFeathers

    What to feed baby chicks

    A bit of background before I start. I have 6 fully grown ducks of various ages and are all laying. I just ordered 10 Jersey Giant Chicks and I have some questions. I have heard about the Purina flock raiser but can I give it to these baby chicks right away? Can I give them the layer feed I give...
  3. rascal66

    Australorp or Jersey Giant Rooster?

    Got this boy a while back thinking it was an Australorp but now I'm not entirely sure... Lady i got him from didnt know the breed. He is young, roughly about 6-7 months? Thoughts? Small note: the little white bits on his head was the result of eating yogurt scraps, He's all black!
  4. Angileen

    My Little Girl

    I have wanted chickens for years for eggs and as pets. Finally got around to altering a shed into a chicken coop so I order 45 chicks this spring. I order Black and White Jersey Giants, Midnight Majesty Marans, Calico Princess, Dominique, Buckeye, Easter Eggers, Lavender Orpington, Buff...
  5. justcallmekinn

    New Chicks forgot breed

    So, this is my first post. I'm new to the chicken world. Actually up until my girl Rosé( a RIR) I was terrified of chickens. Anyhoo, I just got four new chicks(supposedly pullets) from TSC and I have confidently identified three out of four, but can't confidently identify the fourth. I think she...
  6. B

    blue chicks

    I have two (2 week old) blue chicks, one has a black comb, their feet are grey and their soles are pinkish-yellow, and one had white tips on her wings. They are bigger than my Dominique chicks (they are the same age). Any ideas of what they might be?
  7. truthfulkindnes

    3-week-old JerseyGiant chick, w/Leg splayed at Hip

    Hello all. Tru here. Purchased day-old Jersey Giant chicks from breeder (x6). Traveled 7hrs each way to pick them up and they are now 20days old. (Not all that far since it is nearly 3hrs to the closest Walmart, LOL) One chick has been having trouble keeping his/her Legs under body; has a...
  8. Bernsen92

    Black Australorp, Jersey Giant, or something else?

    I ordered 15 BA from McMurry and they are now 7-8 weeks old. (haven't lost a single one!) Now while most of them have the normal blue/pinkish legs with dark scaling, I've noticed that 2 of them have extremely bright yellow legs with the same dark scaling and also have quite a bit of yellow in...
  9. L

    10 month old chicken with gapeworm

    - 10 month old Jersey Giant hen prognosis is gapeworm medication has been administered already (about an hour ago) but the chicken is still responding very little, though she's still strong enough to keep her neck up beak is open as is apparently a standard effect What should we expect? Any...
  10. Emanderas21

    Jersey Giant, Hen or Rooster?

    We have a Jersey Giant that’s 21 weeks old, not laying and I think it’s a rooster because of the tail feathers. My husband is pretty confident it’s a hen. Can anyone help us determine? Thanks! I don’t have pictures outside the run as I had my toddler with me when I went to snap the pictures.
  11. Chickem707

    Strange JG eggs

    So my splash Jersey Giant hatched from an egg like this. What i find weird is that she lays eggs like this. Is it possible that they’re like this because she’s a cross or something? Or is this a health problem? Thanks
  12. haycakes

    Hi from SC!

    Hi! My name is Hayley, and I started my little flock last Spring. Right now I only have a flock of three. My 2 hens are: my ameraucana, Pie, and my Jersey black giant, Purpee. And I have this very mean rooster that I need help with. He is a bantam blue cochin named Pepe, and he was the sweetest...
  13. Chiqualetta


    This is my youngest roo Johnny.. does he look like a mix of sorts, Australorp? Jersey Giant? We picked him from a bunch of mixed chicks. He is the same size as my 5 month hens, he’s around 16-17 weeks. Big boy!
  14. LizzzyJo

    Anybody Have Pictures of Cute Crosses - especially Jersey Giant?

    I am getting a Jersey Giant Roo and I am excited to see what kids of babies I will get! I would love anyone's cross breed pics! My other girls are Lavender, Blue, and Buff Orpingtons, Cream Legbar, Speckled Sussex, and White Maran. Any other crosses would be great to see too! Also - will the...
  15. Reeceyd17

    New Member Introduction

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Fairly new to chickens. I inherited 3 Bantams about 6 months ago (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 6 (3) What breeds do you have? 3 Bantams at 3 years old 3 Jersey Giant chicks at 7 week old (4) What are your favorite...
  16. frizzle1

    Looking to rehome Jersey Giant rooster

    Looking to rehome Jersey Giant, kind to ducks and hens, 6 months old, vaccinated for Merricks. Ordered from my pet chicken and got rooster by mistake. Will deliver to location and would like him to be a pet...not for the pot.
  17. LittleHillFarms

    JG Crosses???

    has anyone crossed Jersey Giants with another breed to get a faster-growing bird? I would like to start selling some of my own meat birds. I am looking to create my own version of the Cornish x with Jersey Giants, of course, nothing that grows as fast as the Cornish x.
  18. V

    Will my chickens ever get along

    I purchased 3 Rhode Island Reds last spring and this year introduced 2 Jersey Giants. I did the slow introduction over weeks and weeks. We even built a new pen so they were all moving to a new area trying to stop the territorial ways of my Rhode Islands... It appears the Rhode Islands have...
  19. A

    New chicken dad, trying to ID my urban flock.

    Hey all, I'm in Western PA and have a backyard flock of five. Hatched the eggs that some friends gave me, but they're unsure of who laid what. What we know: their flock is mostly Jersey Giants and Golden Laced Wyandottes, however they have some that are clearly "other" as far as I can tell...
  20. E9E37743-2209-49DC-B3EC-3974BABD7188


    MagPie my Jersey Giant Roo
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