1. WallyBirdie

    They're at it again!

    Title says it all! I went out to feed and water the flock and found the little ones on an adventure! They all came back to the pen when they saw the feed, but it was still fun to see them explore!
  2. libarena

    Guinea keet colours? (My first hatch!)

    After incubating for my first time, I’m proud to say that ALL OF THEM HATCHED! And they are all doing so well! I’m still in shock that beginner me was able to do it. Thank you Bob (R2elk) for helping me so much! Now I’m curious to know what colours they are! Especially with the darker ones. I...
  3. B

    Guinea setting on eggs - advice wanted

    I have a guinea hen setting on about a dozen eggs, now on week 3. I am not able to swipe the keets as they hatch to raise so plan to let momma do it (if any hatch...) What do I do about a waterer? I have read that for little keets you need marbles or something in the waterer to keep them from...
  4. PincoPoultry

    Lavender Guinea Hen keets for sale (Brooksville Florida)

    I have 4 Lavendar Guinea hen keets available hatched 6/21/19. Asking $5.00 a baby. Located in Brooksville Florida.
  5. Anita Scott

    Pearl gray Guineas

    I still have lots of keets for sale. 14 -3 week olds 26- 10 day 3- 1 day olds My incubator is full and still hatching. Running out of room for them. These seem to be the healthiest and hardiest batch that I have had. Selling for $4 each I am in Ozark County Missouri. South central part of the...
  6. G

    Different colored Keet

    i he a guinea keet born last night that is paler in color than the rest. He’s like 4 days later than the rest of the babies. Any ideas why he’s a different color? I have pearl guineas.
  7. Anita Scott

    Pearl gray Guineas

    I have fertile eggs (about 90% hatch rate ) and keets for sale in southern Central Missouri- SE of Springfield. My guineas are pearl with a line of lavendar in the past. This results with a few lower wing feathers being white on some of my birds. My keets range from 1 day to 3 weeks at the...
  8. tinkertonpipes

    Wings on guinea keets

    I am just wanting to make sure this is not a problem. My 1 week old guinea keets have their bottom of their wings sticking out a bit. Feathers just started growing there. Diet is exactly what it should be. Is this normal growth or do I need to change something? Wrap their wings like ducks...
  9. P

    Help with hatching guinea

    My son decided to work towards hatching is own guinea eggs. We are supporting him but he has been doing all of research so I am here for any suggestions/help. He has a still air incubator and is manually turning. They are in a dark room. The temp. is about 100. The humidity hung at about...
  10. erinem

    Keet Color ID Help

    So, I just hatched 20 keets, and I wanted some help IDing the colors because the last batch that I hatched had two that I would have sworn were both pearl grey, and one of them feathered out buff dundotte. I have a friend that specifically wants only dark colored birds so I want to avoid...
  11. KaleDaDuck

    My Guinea baby keet is bleeding!!

    So its been 15 hours since the egg pipped and so i tried to be gentle with manual hatch i kept watering it slowly with warm water checking condtantly for veins.. So there was just a little bit of shell remaining and the chicken got it head of it... So i thought why dont i get it out of the egg...
  12. AMoritz

    Guinea hatcherys without a 15 minimum

    I'm looking to add some color to my flock but I don't need 15 of em. I've been searching for guinea hatcherys for the last week and can't find any that don't require at least 15keet minimum - is there any out there?!
  13. P

    Adult Guineas and unacquainted Border Collie?

    I have an opportunity to acquire 10 ten month old guineas (who have previously been around a lab). We have wanted guineas, but weren't sure how to go about it with our border collie female. They are used to being in a coop, so we would also get a coop and do some training with them in order to...
  14. cqangie29

    New here! Can I give my baby chicks and keets sourdough starter?

    Hi guys, I'm new here! I just bought baby chicks and keets for the 1st time. I have 9 chicks and 6 keets. I have sourdough starter for bread and I was wondering if it's safe to feed chicks the starter? I know adult chickens can eat it, but wasn't sure if it was so harsh for the babies? Thank you...
  15. TashaFrancois

    2019 All Shippable Swaps

    Any breed. Eggs to adults. Just follow the rules and we all win! BYC is not responsible for transactions outside the BST area of the forum. All swaps are at the swappers risk and in no way will the Staff be involved in disputes. All disputes should be handled privately as per BYC Rules. No...
  16. Raising Guinea fowl 101: A beginners guide to raising Guinea fowl

    Raising Guinea fowl 101: A beginners guide to raising Guinea fowl

    General info: Guinea fowl belong to the Numididae family, they are related to pheasants, turkeys and other game fowl. Guinea fowl originate in Africa and were first introduced to Europe back in the 1400s. Frequently used terms and their meanings: Guinea cock- male guinea fowl Guinea hen -...
  17. Anita Scott

    adding turkey poults

    I started out with 5 guineas. With the help of the incubator the flock is staying around 30 for the past 2 years. Last winter we added 10 mixed breed chickens. 2 were eliminated for dinner since they had a bad attitude. Still have 2 roosters and 6 hens. They are a various mix of banty and red...
  18. CC83A206-8B7D-4B50-ADCD-A65F668DA5D6


    It’s hard work keeping your eyes on 15 youngsters. Papa G brought the keets back into the yard for a break.
  19. Albanydog

    3 females & 1 male, 1 or all is sterile!

    Mom has 4 Pearl Gray colored, Helmeted Guinea Fowl, that she bought three years ago from the feed store. Three turned out to be females and one is a male. He has a favorite female he breeds often that is for sure, but none of the eggs are fertile. We assume it is the male that is infertile, it...
  20. champignon

    Help with guinea keet - dirty belly and butt

    Hi all. I posted about this yesterday in the guinea fowl forum, but thought maybe I might get more response here. I have six 9 or 10-day old keets (exact hatch day uncertain, purchased from feed store). On days 5-7 a few of them had pasty butt but that seemed to clear up after I stopped...
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