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  1. S

    Raising Ducks and Chickens

    Hello All! My husband and I started with a small flock of chickens several years back. We decided we wanted to have our own free range eggs and got about 7 young chickens and 2 adult “auntie” chickens. We were very new to the backyard chicken raising and didn’t know how many predators were...
  2. R

    My juvenile khaki campbell fell while running away from me and now she can't stand up correctly

    This happened a few minutes ago, after letting them swim for a while it seemed too cold so I tried taking them back to the crate where I keep them. She suddenly started running and tripped, thankfully the floor didn't touch the neck but she fell on one of her paws. There's no blood, twists or...
  3. KCDC

    New Duck Dad

    (1) I am new to the world of raising ducks. I just purchased 16 day old ducklings that were shipped on Monday January 6th and delivered Wednesday January 8th (2) 16 (3) Khaki Campbell (4) What I love most about starting our flock is that it’s my 15 year old daughter that is doing this for...
  4. Sae

    Cayuga/khaki cross egg?

    So i got my first duck egg a few days ago. I assumed i wouldn't see anything until spring so there was a little pile of them. I am so curious to know who layed these. I was really hoping my cayuga would give me a black egg, she will be 2 this year but i just got her in the fall. i also have a...
  5. cmspivey

    New Member Introduction Post!

    Well, here goes it... My initial post! I'm Carlis! I'm not technically new to chickens, but I am new to ducklings! I have three eggs currently... Sadly, I think only one of them may be alive and well, though... We'll find out within the next few days! They're all Khaki Campbell x Pekin ducks...
  6. ldhs16

    Michigan: 6 Mth+ Khaki Campbell Female Ducks

    Hey Everyone! We are looking for a 2, 6+ month old Khaki Campbell female ducks to place with our male duck. Does anyone have 2 available for us? If you have a different breed of duck, we’d be open to that as well as we are not seeking to raise ducklings. Thank you, Lindsay and Jeff
  7. D

    Nest boxes for Khaki Campbells?

    Flock of five (females in front) Our happy flock - now down to three, at 20 weeks - one dark and one light female and a beautiful green-headed drake! — Hi all! As of this weekend, our flock of 5 (3 of which were male) became an elegant flock of 3, with a picture perfect male and two females...
  8. VickyandAndrew

    Introducing a duck to the hens

    Hello! We have a fully enclosed run, approx 25-30ish square metres, with six pretty mellow, happy hens of varying breeds. (2 Rhode Island Red, 1 Blue Leghorn, 1 Gold Laced Wyandotte, 1 x Sussex Speckled and 1 Plymouth Rock). They have a relaxed pecking order and the one on top is a big softie...
  9. Hannahruepepsie

    Vibrating ducks?¿

    So my two ducks that I now know are both hens do this thing where there necks vibrate followed by their head then they lunge I don't know if this is an excitement thing or not? Does anyone else's ducks do this or know why they are doing this?
  10. katiebrock

    Introverted Duck?

    Sorry for the double post, but I thought a new thread would attract more attention. The original post is here. Okay, I have some more questions about my Cricketbug. She has been feeling a lot better recently, but she prefers mostly to hang out by herself and sleeps more than my other ducks...
  11. Honeycluckle

    Duckies For Swap in South Georgia!

    Hello! I have three duckies I am looking to swap for other duckies, though I am also interested in chickens, hatching eggs (chickens, duckies, or button quail), button quail, and certain kinds of pigeons. These are the three lovey downy dorks I am looking to rehome- they are bonded, so if you...
  12. D

    Wobbly Duck

    My Khaki Campbell duck is only an estimated 3-4 months old. She’s lost all her visible baby fluff and can fly. She’s currently having some issues walking, running, or getting up. She’s high stepping and keeps falling. We’ve given her niacin and Apple cider vinegar already. Last time she did...
  13. katiebrock

    KC drake with blue head

    Is it possible? I was browsing through some pictures on Google and came across what was labeled as a Khaki Campbell, but his head feathers had a blue sheen instead of a green sheen.
  14. KikiDeAnime

    Is he showing off?

    I've noticed the past couple days that Colonel will run around flapping his wings. At first I thought that maybe he was attempting to fly out of his yard but he didn't. I just want to make sure this is normal. Is Colonel showing off? Is he possibly trying to impress Duchess? Colonel is 10...
  15. D

    Duckling ID and colouring questions

    Hi there! I’m new to the forum (and to duck ownership!) and I’m hoping I can get some confirmation or insight. We purchased 4 khaki campbells from a local farmer - but did not see parents. The ducklings were all mixed colours - more so than we expected for our chosen breed, and of those we chose...
  16. C

    Seeking 2-3 female laying breed ducks to add to our Lucky Duck Farm!

    Live outside Portland, Oregon metro area, have 30+ year farm with plenty of mowed pastures and secure barn. Would like to add 2 or 3 youngish adult female ducks, laying breed type, to my existing small flock. Currently have Welsh Harlequins and Indian Runners but what do you have? Will pay...
  17. katiebrock

    The Brock Flock

    I just wanted to share some videos of my babies! All four are Khaki Campbell ducks. Sammy and Rufus are about 2 months old and Daisy and Cricket are about 3 weeks old. My dog is a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) and her name is Elliott (Ellie). The girls have been staying in a see-no-touch...
  18. C

    Broody duck

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. I have a khaki Campbell (just over a two years old) who injured her leg, it wasn’t broke so I placed her on bed rest so she could let the leg heal and prevent further damage. While on bed rest she became broody and has been sitting on 3 eggs...
  19. KikiDeAnime

    Normal behavior?

    I forgot to post this yesterday! Yesterday I had gone out to refill the waterers for everyone and noticed that one of our hens had escaped and was in with the baby chicks and ducklings. Colonel wasn't having any of it so he kept going after the hen to chase her off. The hen was really scared...
  20. CheeseAndQuackersMom2

    Are they both Khaki Campbells?

    Hello all! New duck mom here, I've had my babies since a couple days old from TS, so they're about 8.5 weeks old... so my questions is, are they both khakis? My one almost looks like female mallard... and my other is really dark! I've searched this forum high and low a s just when I think I've...
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