khaki campbell's

  1. F

    Khaki Campbells Full Size and wieght

    Howdy all, I got my Khaki Campbells 7 weeks ago as couple day old ducklings. I've got some electro-netting that is supposed to be for poultry but they keep getting through. Wondering if I need to buy some different netting or if they are gonna get bigger. Anybody know when they get to full sized...
  2. C

    Khaki Cambells need a new home Columbus IN

    We have 2 Khaki Cambell females that need a new home. we would love to trade them out for some chicken hens to join our flock... We have 2 Peking males that we absolutely love but they wont leave these girls alone...
  3. S

    Day one 3 month old ducks

    My new Khaki Campbell ducks are so funny, after a short nap , they headed right for the pool and demanded I open the door, I’m in love again ❤️ The splashing and diving is so much fun , they ate from the “ scary food trough” while I was inside I should have gotten more ... Enjoy
  4. wolfinator

    Which variety of Khaki Campbell's are these drakes?

    These are my 2 drakes and they are definitely 2 different varieties but which ones. I'm thinking the darker one is the dark variety but he has light feathers mixed in. The lighter one is either the khaki or light variety but not sure. I'd like some help in figuring the varieties out. The photos...
  5. Noelleor

    Which breed?

    Which breed is the friendliest/easiest to tame? Magpie, Khaki or Aylesbury’s?
  6. Noelleor

    Which breed?

    Which breed is the friendliest/easiest to tame? Magpie, Khaki or Aylesbury’s?
  7. E

    Returning with a new goal of Ducks,

    Hi! A few years ago when I had chickens I was a member here and found this group to be an awesome place with a lot of great chicken people. I've since moved and rehomed my sweet birds and now have a home with 1/2 acre of land and my husband and I are thinking of getting ducks. I had a pair...
  8. wolfinator

    When might my khaki Campbell's ducks lay?

    I was given a pair of Khaki Campbell's ducks that are about 24 weeks and a drake with 3 females that are about 19 weeks. All are in the same pen together. They have a small barn style house with bedding in nesting box, no eggs yet. My question is, when might my females start laying. Also...
  9. Z

    Khaki campbell lost her voice

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone can please help me as I'm worried. I have a 5 year old khaki campbell she's got an amazing personality she's always talking if she hears me she's normally quacking to get my attention. She even knows when I walk in the house and cough or if I get up in the night...
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