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  1. Laineybug

    2nd litter of kits... Is it a peanut?

    hello. My 1 1/2 year old minirex rabbit just gave birth to 2 rabbits however 1 is only alive. The one that passed is bigger than the alive one. Many other people I have talked to said that the alive baby is a peanut and will not survive. However I am willing to try and do anything to help out...
  2. Laineybug

    Mini Rex Rabbit day 30 pregnancy? When is the babies going to pop out???

    Hello, My 1 and a half year old mini Rex for is 30 days into her gestation period and I know she is supposed to be kindling anytime soon. She has built a nest however there is no fur pulling yet. And she hasn't kindled obviously. I'm starting to get impatient and worried that maybe it is a false...
  3. Lcadle219

    Kindling rabbit help

    I have a rabbit that is due any day. I purchased her almost 2 weeks ago and she was 22 days according to the breeder I got her from. I noticed yesterday she had a small amount of blood on her tail end and today she has blood on her side still a small amount. She finally built a nest last night...
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