1. M

    She's a he...

    I'm new to all this and I thought we had everyone figured out. My hens just started laying, so it's very exciting for me. So I'm looking up which eggs go with which hen, color wise. I realize that my black langshan hasnt laid any eggs. My dad has been saying for a while that Shadow was a boy but...
  2. Sarahgonzales17

    Langshan egg pictures?!

    Does anyone have pictures of their Langshan eggs?
  3. classicsredone


    Looking for quality Croad Langshans in northern CA and Nevada. We fell in love with Croad Langshans, and we are replacing much of our flock with Langshans. We have crummy luck when it comes to the pullet/cockerel ratio. We got four chicks, lost one, and the surviving three were all boys. We...
  4. Awtdaniel05

    Blue langshan chickens

    Hello, I recently bought 6 blue langshan chickens from tractor supply and wAs wondering what they are good for.
  5. C

    Black split to white Langshan

    Hi, I have Black Langshans and White Langshans in the same pen. We hatched some chicks form that pen but I would like to know what colour they're going to be as grown chickens. I can't seem to find a straight up answer online. Thank you
  6. trinale709


    I have this 22 week old pullet and I'm just curious if I'm correct in guessing that she's a Langshan? She does have a greenish tint all over her feathers. The main thing that I noticed though... All of the Langshan pictures I have looked up have red combs and wattles. Hers are black. Does this...
  7. zoereef1221

    Any ideas? Marans, sussex, langshan

    All will be 5 weeks on wednesday. Three black marans, a sussex, and blue langshan (sp?).
  8. Queensilkie

    Langshan Bantam or Black Cochin Chick?

    Bought a straight run, unspecified bantam chick, unsure of it's breed? Mostly black coloring with some white patches and feathered feet, very small, about a week old. I though Croad Langshan bantam? Or possibly a black Pekin/Cochin bantam? If anyone can tell me it's breed I'd be very glad. Thank...
  9. Jan Clizer

    Rooster only poops cecal....

    Seeking advice, please.... I have a beautiful big Langshan, a gentle soul for a rooster, who eats well, is active, and seems healthy in all respects. He is 6 months old. I got him at a month. His poop is only the watery, light brown cecal kind, no other consistency or colour. I keep reading...
  10. steffenbsd

    Second "first" egg!!!

    Hello! I got my second first egg today, so fun! I only have two hens so it's easy to tell. The egg on the top is the first egg from my australorp today and the egg on the bottom is from my BR who has been laying for 3 weeks. The australorp egg has a purplish brown color with a heavy white...
  11. justinthecoop

    Is this lil' Langshan a pullet or cockerel?

    I've got a little flock of assorted 3 month-olds, and I've finally reached the point where I'm confident they're all pullets with the exception of this lovely Langshan. Here are a couple pics I snagged just today for someone with a more expert eye than mine to examine. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. IMG_20170810_200524758


    Black Langshan
  13. rodriguezpoultry

    Langshan Black Blue

    Langshan Black, Blue Created by rodriguezpoultry Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Langshans are gentle giants. As with other Asiatic breeds, they are prone to broodiness and do well in colder weather. They are able to adapt to hotter temperatures as well and are thriving...
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