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  1. Round Wood Forest Coop

    Round Wood Forest Coop

    New Coop!!! In the spring of 2011, I got my first batch of chicks, we built them a cute little coop. By 2013 I was ready for a larger coop so I could add to the flock and have a better layout. I began drawing up my dream coop with a standard rectangular building. 1st coop, built in May 2011...
  2. kristeninprogress

    Coop Design in Southeast Georgia

    So FINALLY, we have completed my ideal coop! Kinda. I do have a few details to finish (paint nesting boxes, add more roosts, sew curtains for bottom nesting boxes, etc), but it's functional and usable! Total cost: roughly $1000 Dimensions: 12' x 16' x 7' Time to build: 5 weeks with two...
  3. Coop Build 2017

    Coop Build 2017

    WORK IN PROGRESS—LAST UPDATED 3/2/20 My first coop came to the end of its 50 year tenure in 2017, after several years of dealing with problems ranging from a tree smashing the roof in to the floorboards rotting out. I had bought it in 2014 and dragged it home with a tractor, accidentally...
  4. My Barn Red and White Coop (Complete Build Photos)

    My Barn Red and White Coop (Complete Build Photos)

    Hello BYC community! First time chicken and duck owner and first time coop builder. I did a lot of research on Pinterest and Google before building my coop (apparently not enough, I don't know why I didn't find BYC sooner.) I think I have some good design functionality in my coop, but I'm...
  5. E

    Chicken coop

    COol coop I luv it it
  6. The Chicken Shed of my dreams :)

    The Chicken Shed of my dreams :)

    I recently moved to NC and we almost immediately started a plan for a chicken coop! We bought a used 10 by 12 shed, wood and hardwire fencing. The inside is painted white and the floor was supposed to be a light grey but it ended up looking like a blue grey instead but it’s waterproof so...
  7. PV18610 Custom Coop

    PV18610 Custom Coop

    This gorgeous coop with run combo is built new for each customer. The house is 6x6x10' to the peak, and the run is 12x6x8 to the peak. Comes with all the bells and whistles! Customer ran lighting, lights/electrical not included. Delivery/set up is available please contact us at...
  8. Build a coop from pallets

    Build a coop from pallets

    I loved our coop from the local farm store.. but it just wasn't big enough. I decided I needed to make my own. It's 25 feet long and 8 ft wide. I used pallets. I set a $250 budget. I spent most of it in roofing and door.
  9. 16' x 16' Chicken Coop Made From Pallets

    16' x 16' Chicken Coop Made From Pallets

    Last Updated: 6/20/16 The coop is still under construction. It still needs the sides completed, windows finished, and paint. However it is to a point that we can put chickens in it! I will update as we progress. When I told my Dad that I wanted a 16' x 16' chicken coop, I really didn't think...
  10. A Coop In Progress

    A Coop In Progress

    At the moment, my coop is being renovated. It's not much now, but I've been making plans to make my humble, quaint henhouse a pretty, noble chicken coop. Planning things is always exciting, and I'm using my egg money to save enough to make my chicken coop dreams come true!... Door For My...
  11. High Country Hen House

    High Country Hen House

    There was a lot of discussion about what to do with our new hen house. My dad wanted a look that was based off the huts used by stockmen in the Victorian high country. He is a carpenter by trade and wanted to use the hen house as a chance to experiment with techniques he wants to use building...
  12. Metal Frame Aviary

    Metal Frame Aviary

    Update 12/14/16 - Added "lattice" type roof to aviary few weeks ago. Hello fellow chicken lovers, I have built several aviaries and coops, but this is the first in my new house. Most of the coops here on this site are made of wood but I use steel because of the advantages in weight...
  13. My coop for "A French Hen"

    My coop for "A French Hen"

    Thank you for viewing my Coop page! I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Also my complete run build can be found at the link below: Updated 11/4/2014 below. It's an on...
  14. Little Red Coop

    Little Red Coop

    Little Red Coop (On a Farm Down in Indiana) ...Okay, so "little" might be a bit outdated now... With a 26x8 footprint, plus 6x8 foot wing on the side, this coop is FAR from little anymore! For years, my birds lived in a tiny, 4x8x4 foot tall coop that was as miserable for us to work with as...
  15. Northbound Hen House

    Northbound Hen House

    Our chickens had been down in the horse barn in a crude side building that was very inadequate for their laying. So, to increase producing and to also bring them closer to the house, we designed and built a new separate house for our ladies. Our 8 year old son is in charge of the chickens and...
  16. Thurman Chicken Coop

    Thurman Chicken Coop

    Our new coop - Finally done. We still have added 26 more girls and have them divided in these pictures. When they are on the same food we will combine.
  17. Araucana Coop

    Araucana Coop

    Pictures of my 20x20 Araucana coop. Only have Pure Breed Araucana's living in it. Coop was mainly built out of recycled wood and fence from Craigslist. The tin and 4x4's were purchased new and a few hinges and hangers. Laying boxes where purchase off Craigslist also. Wish I had purchased...
  18. Double Shipping Crate Coop

    Double Shipping Crate Coop

    When I first decided to build a coop for my future chickens I knew that I needed to do it as cheap as possible. Our original plan was to house about a dozen hens, and then about a dozen meat chickens. I knew that I did not want them to be in the same coop, so we began knowing that we would need...
  19. Wyattshappyhenss Page

    Wyattshappyhenss Page

    We've built a new house for all our ladies. It's 10'x16'. The old house was just too small. They’ve been living in their new house for almost one year, and winter was easy this year. We currently have 25 hens consisting of 8 Golden Comets, 13 Black Stars, and 4 white hens that we think are a...
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