lavendar orpington

  1. M

    Lavender Orpington Rooster offspring

    Hey Everyone, we are pretty new to chickens and were wondering about breeding. We have a lavender orpington rooster. We have heard that a lavender would produce black offspring. Our hen breeds are golden laced wyandotte, silver laced wyandotte, rhode island red, butf brahma, gold sexlink, and...
  2. H

    Egg Bound Hen but I Can’t Feel Egg!

    Hi all! So I have a 2 year old Lavender Orpington who was displaying all the symptoms of egg binding. I took her to the vet and they did an x-ray that confirmed it. They gave her fluids and a calcium shot. I took her home and gave her an epsom salt bath. I was gently massaging the area and I was...
  3. S

    Lavender Orpington Gender Help

    I have 6 lavender orpingtons, 9 weeks old now. My fear is only one is a girl. I cannot care for 6 rooster. Number 5 was uncooperative. What do you think, only one hen or is their any hope for the others?
  4. T

    Lavender Orpington - Pullet or Cockerel

    8 weeks old The comb/face are more pink than red. New to this breed, so I’m undecided.
  5. Q

    Lavender Orpington 4 Week Old Sex?

    Hello, I am a new chicken owner and have a straight run of 7 Lavender Orpington Chickens. We bought seven in hopes of having at least two hens. We are almost sure that 4 are cockerels and at least one is a pullet. We are unsure of 2 but leaning towards cockerel for one and completely unsure of...
  6. Mother Clucker Hatchery


    I have several breeds of chicks hatching in the next week and week after. If anyone in the Orlando area is looking to add fun to their flock or color to their eggs these are the chicks for you! Available Breeds: White Capped Black Polish, Silkies, &...
  7. sarahup

    ISO DL Silver Barnevelder. Black Cooper Marans, Lavender Orpington

    Looking for Double Laced Silver Barnevelder. Black Copper Marans, and Lavender Orpington hatching eggs. Hoping someone sells (and ships to MA) 2 or even all 3 of these. Must be purebred and a good SOP-centered breeding program :jumpy:fl
  8. C

    Review of my experience with Meyer Hatchery

    Hey everyone, I'm not at all affiliated with Meyer Hatchery. We just ordered nine chicks from them in December 2019 and I thought people might find my experience with it useful. I had backyard chickens for years but never got chicks in the mail before. We specifically ordered a Blue Ameracauna...
  9. B

    Stumbling chicken

    Hey guys! I’m new here and we need help! One of my about 6-7 mo lavender Orpington hens is stumbling around, off balance. Anytime she leans forward to peck or tries to walk/run, she ends up falling face first. She often flaps to sit back up and seems to go backwards better than forward. She...
  10. V

    A tribute to our lost but not forgotten

    Can we a little tribute to my lavander orpington girl, princess, and to those who lost there girls and guys feel free to bost below <3 i msis her She was taken by a predator yesterday her name was princess always ran up to me in the morning so happily and she was so sweet she was so young barely...
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