lavender ameraucana

  1. MFRcoop

    Lavender Ameraucana Rooster?

    I bought 2 lavender Ameraucana chicks and I think I got one male and one female. Thats based on comb, body size, and tail feathers. But I'm doubting myself as we are going on about 3 months and the rooster still hasn't crowed. Is that normal for this breed? What are your thoughts?
  2. K

    6 week old lavender Americana and buff/light Brahma, hen or roo?

    This is my 6 week old lavender Americana and a light/buff Brahma mix. I think roos but let me know and hopefully I’m wrong!!
  3. LavinmyBasket

    Self blue Ameraucana Chick Pics

    These LA’s are so cute I can’t stand it! Born 5/2/2020, growing too fast & they make the sweetest sounds. Show me your LA chick pics!
  4. LavinmyBasket

    Lavender Ameraucanas are Hatching!💜

    This has been a long 3 weeks, chick hatching is way more suspenseful than I would’ve ever thought! Two chicks so far and hopefully more to come! I’m feeling so blessed, because I wasn’t sure if any would hatch. 3 more eggs in the bator...
  5. shelbylewis

    Ayam Cemani Roo x Lavender Ameraucana Cross?

    Hi everyone! One of my hens has gone broody. She was a rescue so I have no idea how old she is (young, if I had to guess), what breed she is, or if she has done this before. I currently have two coops in my backyard. The smaller coop is the one that this particular hen is in along with another...
  6. hypnozze

    Lavender Araucanas - 3 weeks - UK type - Chick sexing

    Hello! I have 2 Lavender Araucana chicks. They are 3 weeks at the moment and I was wondering if it was possible to tell which is which (hopefully not two roosters). One has a more pronounced comb and its redder than the other's. P.S. I added a photo from the internet of how the grown-ups should...
  7. RYABA2019


  8. aliciaFarmer

    Lavender Ameraucana Roo

    I have a five-month-old awesomely sweet and beautiful Lavender Ameraucana (surprise) rooster to sell/rehome. I thought for the longest time he was a girl but, I was wrong. I already have two other roosters and I just don't think it's fair to anyone to keep three. I'm more interested in finding...
  9. R

    Pullet or cockerel? lavender Americauna?

    is this a pullet or a cockerel? Also- is this a lavender Americauna?
  10. 3clucks

    Why is my hen not laying?

    Hi there, back in April I had found a breeder that bred lavender Ameraucanas and purchased one that was a week old, she is now 39 weeks old but I have yet to see a blue egg, I am starting to get a bit concerned that there could be some sort of underlying health issue. Could she be egg bound? Or...
  11. FrankPrize

    Lavender Ameraucanas

    I recently acquired 2 Lavender Ameraucana chicks from a breeder a couple roads down; one is a day older than the other and that’s already enough for a noticeable size difference between the two but that’s not what I’m supposed to be rambling on about LOL. They’re both feathering in on their...
  12. A

    14 week Lav Ameracaunas Hen or Roo?

    Hens or Roos? 14-15 week Lavendar Ameracaunas. Photo of both in middle of thread. Hoping for Hens! I'm stumped tho! Any thoughts about gender? Thanks!! 'Gal' on the Right 'Gal' on the left from top pic of them both, sorry will try for side shots tomorrow. No visable pointy saddle or...
  13. 3clucks

    Amerucana exhibition colors.

    Hi there, I have a lavender Amerucana hen that I am interested in entering at some shows. I have looked online to make sure that color is recognized by the APA but can’t seem to find a definitive answer.... does anyone know whether it is? Or what the recognized amerucana colors are by the APA?
  14. Nena King

    Lavender Ameraucana Hens?

    Does anyone know of any Lavender Ameraucana chicken breeders around the western North Carolina area? I have some RIR, SLW, and EE hens and would love to add a couple Lavender Ameraucana hens to my flock. Thank you in advance for any inputs!
  15. MelissaMallard

    Olive Egger and Lavender Americauna cockerels in Roseville, CA

    I have two, what I think are little boys, who need to find new homes. I have a true Lavender Ameraucana and an F1 Olive Egger (Black Cooper Marans/Black Ameraucana). They're both great personalities. The Olive egger has beautiful thickly feathered feet and huge muffs. The Lavender is a clown and...
  16. thatknightgirl

    Comb sexing 3 lavender Ameraucana?

    First post: Hi y’all! I need help!!! The first week of April I purchased group1 from a local breeder which was: straight run of 3 olive eggers, 3 black and blue copper Marans, and 1 silverrudds along with 2 welsummer pullets. A day later I purchased group2 from another local breeder which...
  17. CiaBia

    Egg Swap, New Shipper Wanting to Test Packaging!

    I apologise in advance if I messed up the process somehow, this is my first time posting in the swap forum. BYC is not responsible for transactions outside the BST area of the forum. All swaps are at the swappers risk and in no way will the Staff be involved in disputes. All disputes should be...
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