lavender orpington

  1. agold23

    My flock as a first time chicken owner!

    Like many others on this forum, I love my flock and especially as a first time chicken owner I love showing them off, so why not introduce them? We got my flock from a family friend who now has over 200 chickens and turkeys, many goats, a couple dogs and soon to be some horses! She was kind...
  2. H

    Long time peeper, first time poster

    Hello BYC community! Have used this resource for years and today felt like the right day to finally sign up! Our journey with chicks has been a long and wonderful one. Would take too long to mention all the highs and lows but just wanted to offer that I’m here for continued learning from the...
  3. MidTNchickie

    Help w/genders and breeds of my flock, please!

    I am totally new to chickens so am unsure about what I have. They are all 7-8 weeks old. Purchased at tsc on 4/30 as itty bitty babies. 2 Barred rocks (???) “A” & “B” 2 Rhode Island Reds “C” & “D” 2 Lavender Orpingtons “E” & “F” 1 Buff rock (?) “G” Based on what I’ve read here on BYC, I think...
  4. kurby22

    Lavender Orpington pullet? 13 weeks

    Based on personality, and a LOT of viewing other people’s LOs at around this stage…I’m getting a bit more sure she’s a she. She has a ton of broken feathers in her tail area but when I pull them apart they look rounded. Her comb also still looks pink to me and has looked exactly like this no...
  5. A

    Lavender Orpington Chick - Roo or Pullet?

    I received two lavender orpingtons when they were 2 weeks old and I think they may both be Roos... I would appreciate any feedback! One of the below images is the little chick at 2 weeks and the second is at 3.5 weeks. After reviewing photos of this breed, I think they may have been older than...
  6. IMG_0319.jpg


    Chicks hatched 3/5/21. The Lavender Orpington is named Lupa and the Easter Egger is named Chigusa, which means "a thousand seeds" in Japanese.
  7. R

    lavender orpington babies

    ok so i have 2 lavender orpingtons. they’re said to be 4 weeks old- they look a bit younger. im just curious if they’re old enough to guess their gender? the lighter one on the left is yellow, and the darker one on the right is blue. blue is only a day or 2 younger than yellow, but is developing...
  8. LavenderMotherHen

    Our Lavenders Made It Safe and Sound

    Our 3 Lavender Orpingtons made it home safe and sound! I ordered from My Pet Chicken, and loved the experience! They were toasty warm with their heat pad and everyone looks healthy! No pasty butt so far. They seem healthier than our older feed store chicks. They looked so cute in their...
  9. kurby22

    How slow is typical for slow feathering??

    So I know that each bird is different and they feather at their own rate...but how slow is too slow or is there such a thing? I got 4 chicks at the same time that are all within a day of each other age wise. I believe they’re approximately 3.5 weeks old. I got two lavender Orps and two BLRWs...
  10. Aftersixpence

    Lavender Orpington Feather Question

    My 17-week pullet's tail looks ragged. I do not care about the aesthetics, but want to make sure this is not an issue with diet, parasites or living conditions. As a first time chicken keeper I am grateful for any advice.
  11. RAB

    ISO lavender orpingtons

    I am looking for 3 lavender orpington chicks/pullets from show quality stock. I know lavender is not an official variety. I would consider straight runs depending on the drive, price, etc. Considering driving up to 2 hours one way. I am in southeast MO, my zip code is 63755.
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  13. Z

    Little Lavender Orpington - Pullet or Cockerel?

    Hi everyone! I’m new here, but this website has helped us SO MUCH with raising our first baby chicks. We have six girls (I think)! A lavender orpington, a silver laced wyandotte, a buff, a cinnamon queen and two Easter eggers. I’m curious about my little lavender, Lottie. She’s had this comb...
  14. K

    Which rooster should I keep?

    I have two Lavender Orpington roosters and one needs to go. I want to keep the one that will be best for breeding and both are not people aggressive so that isn’t a problem. We had some wind last night that blew open the door separating the roosters and they fought so that’s why they look beat...
  15. N

    7 week old Lavender Orpington

    Please help sex this little 🤞 hopefully🤞 hen, thank you :)
  16. S

    Meet my Girls

    I am new to raising chickens. I grew up in So. Cal at the beach and when I was lucky enough to be around the occasional horse corral growing up I loved the chickens and goats more than the horses... . Now I live in a place that allows chickens and I have a great supportive man in my life that...
  17. S

    Lavender Orpington Gender Help

    I have 6 lavender orpingtons, 9 weeks old now. My fear is only one is a girl. I cannot care for 6 rooster. Number 5 was uncooperative. What do you think, only one hen or is their any hope for the others?
  18. F

    Lav Orph Pullet or Roo??

    I keep going back and forth on this one. Do we have a pullet or Roo?? I think about 4 months old. What are your thoughts??
  19. MamaSug

    How to seperate young brooder pair?

    Hi everyone! :frow I currently have 4 RIR hens named Carole, Pinky, Minnie and Big Betty who are all healthy ladies just over a year old and 3 younger Lavender Orps new to the flock as of this year: one a 5 month old roo named Teddybudz a.k.a. "Trouble" and the other 2 are brooder pair named...
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