lavender orpington

  1. geraldine87

    What is the difference between Lavender Orpington and Isabel Orpington?

    Hello, I ordered some lavender orpington chicks and som isabel orpington hatching eggs, but now it came to my mind, is there a difference between these two? coulg i breed them with one another? Im new to the chicken world.
  2. Vanessa Elle

    Nesting boxes

    As a first time chick mom I am learning as I go but I'm a little stumped with how I should try to introduce or encourage the chicks to start getting used to their nesting boxes. They have been in their big coop for a month and they just haven't been interested in the nesting boxes. They are just...
  3. A

    Please help before I give away my pullet thinking it’s a roo!

    6 week old Lavender Orpington and 9 week old Lightt Brahma . Was told they are cockerels. We unfortunately are not allowed roosters in our town...any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. raenapaige

    Sexing 9-10 Week Lavender Orpington & Starlight Green Egger

    Any guesses? We have had truly no general consensus on these two and it seems like even at 2 1/2 months we have no idea! We’d love any input you have to share!
  5. Spellbound4u

    I need help sexing 5 chicks that are almost 8 weeks old!!

    I have numbered the chicks in the pictures. I need to sex 2 wyandottes, 2 california whites, and 1 lavender orpigton. Im pretty sure the lavender is a pullet. I am having trouble with the other 4 because i know california whites mature fast and have large red combs as hens too. And i know...
  6. raenapaige

    Sexing 8 Week Lavender Orpington & Starlight Green Egger

    These two have been stumping people for weeks! What’s your guess?
  7. S

    Hens or roosters?

    Our family is new chicken owners. I had no idea how much we would fall in love with these birds! Long story short, three of our six chickens are SR, and we are so nervous that one or more of them are roosters. Today, May 20, they are almost exactly 9 weeks old. I google photos of lavender...
  8. brooklynzoo

    Possible coccidiosis in new chick. concerned about death/spreading

    uh oh i think my favorite lavender is sick. could it be coccidosis?? please help!! environment: brooder in my bathroom. they are there all night and most of the morning. around 11am I bring their second brooder box to the living room to acclimate them to the other animals, people and general...
  9. brooklynzoo

    just arrived in the mail today!

    my mailman looked so amused handing me a chirping box. the post office actually called me when it arrived... and he showed up 10 mins later... that is not usually how packages are delivered in Brooklyn! 🐥🐥🐥🐥
  10. raenapaige

    Sexing 5-6 Week Lavender Orpington & Starlight Green Egger

    We have 8 chickies, all different varieties, but are most worried about these two. Any guesses? Here’s our straight run Lavender Orpington, Meredith Grey. Also, any thoughts on her feathers? I know they can be slow to develop, and she certainly has been. Here she is weekly: Here is our...
  11. N

    Wondering sex for our lavender Orpington

    We’re new to having chickens and I’m wondering if our 6 week old lavender Orpington is a hen or rooster?
  12. D

    Lavender orpingtons

    Hello! We started a little flock of six birds. Three are cream legbar, one is serama bantam, and two are lavender orpington. They have brought so much joy and fascination so far! Thinking we can move outside soon once they have some more adult feathers for the youngest ones. They are about 5...
  13. R3M1X

    Norlina, NC: Lavender Orpington and Lavender/Sapphire Gem cross roosters available

    I have 7 roosters, but for now I want to rehome/sell these three first. 1 year old Lavender Orpington roo, named Philip. His girl was killed by an owl the day before Christmas so he has been a little lonely in the flock. He is a sweet boy in need of hens of his own. He is getting picked on by...
  14. S

    Designer Easter Egger day old chicks [Hudson Valley NY / Fairfield County CT)

    Hatching limited batch first generation Easter Eggers from a variety of ornamental heritage breed crosses! These chicks come from prime breeding stock, and are being crossed for designer egg colors! As first generation, the color of their eggs will be a mystery, but you can expect anything from...
  15. ANB131

    Can you feather sex Lavender Orpington chicks?

    I just got straight run lavender Orpington chicks and was wondering if they could be feather sexed or if there was another easy way to tell. They are about 3 or 4 days old. If there isn’t a way to tell at this age what is the earliest age I will be able to tell?
  16. C

    Lavender Orpington sex

    I'm scared that my beautiful lavender hen is actually a roo. Thoughts? 11 weeks old
  17. Tbird84

    AL-ISO BCM & English Lavender Orp hens

    I have a friend looking for good quality Black Copper Marans and English Lavender Orpingtons. 4-6 pullets or hens of each. Located about 30min south of Huntsville, AL but will travel some for the right deal. Thanks!
  18. Nikkit7272

    Selling 2 Lavender Orpington Roosters

    Selling 2 Lavender Orpington Roosters for $20 each. Gorgeous birds! North Georgia or Southeastern Tennessee. Raised from hatchlings on organic feed. I just have too many roosters. Please let me know if you are interested.
  19. john_wrightson2003

    Educational Hatch Adventure and Chat Thread!!!!

    So, i will be getting some silkie eggs from a bycer who has been so amazing to work with! And I should be receiving them the second week or so of November! I may also be getting some Lavender orpington eggs to hatch with them!!! So to fill the time between me getting them, and then the time...
  20. AgnesGray

    What breed are we? We need friends!!

    I got a surprise assortment with my last chick order and I have a few one-of-a-kind chicks that I am trying to identify what breed they are to get them some friends of the same breed. The gray one especially needs a friend and I am thinking either Lavender Orpington or Andalusian? Can anyone...
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