1. P

    Oregon Chick Laws

    Does Oregon (that little state on the west coast that your great, great grandpa walked to) have any laws or limitations on breeding and selling hatching eggs/chicks/chickens? I'm not interested in laws concerning raising and processing chickens for food or the selling of eggs for food.
  2. D

    Hatched his rooster 15 years ago, what is this established elderly homeowners rights agenst new 8 year old housing devlopments complaining.?

    Please tell me when town grows up around an established elderly man 75 years old pet rooster 15 year old can not get charged a hundred bucks a day for keeping his pet rooster just because they built houses on same farmland he sold off 8 years ago and new neighbors complain about him Crowing 4...
  3. F

    Property Covenants

    Hi! I would love to keep a few chickens in my small back garden (I was thinking three). I looked into local laws (I'm in the UK), and couldn't find anything to stop me, but then I checked the deed to my house, and there's a covenant stating that I can't keep anything other than household pets...
  4. ValValls

    Help in Japan

    I had chickens nack in the USA, and dreamed of having them again now that I am in Japan. We are now a year or two away from having a home with enough land to do so. However, Japan has changed laws since I first researched having chickens. I can no longer buy them, and I need some kind of...
  5. BookThief

    Los Lunas New Mexico chicken laws?

    I am planning on moving to Los Lunas New Mexico within 6 months to a year from now. However, I unfortunately cannot seem to find the laws regarding chickens or ducks. Would anyone happen to know any laws/regulations regarding them?
  6. M

    Just beginning

    Hello all I’m new to this and have a couple of questions before I commit to an idea! I want my family to become more sustainable! We already have a garden but I ran the idea of getting chickens! Right now I’m looking through regulations and trying to figure out what is best! I’ve read that...
  7. N0rthernChicks

    Selling chicks in RI

    I have been searching the RI DEM agriculture website all day and have come up with no answers. I want to start selling day old chicks but I want to make sure I am not doing so illegally. As far as I know NPIP certification is voluntary in my state. I cannot find any other certifications or laws...
  8. piakaven

    Trying to find chicken ordinance for the city of Celina TX

    Hi, I am moving from Plano to hopefully a city that will allow chickens on backyards. I would love to move to Celina, but want to know first if that will even be an option there. Was not able to find anything fairly updated about the matter, so I am afraid this will be a no go there. Anyone know...
  9. Pictorhens

    Supplying eggs UK

    Hi, Currently I have a few backyard hens which produce lots of eggs, but I’m looking to expand my flock a bit further to maybe start supplying the eggs to local cafes in my area. I understand this is the beginning of straying away from backyard chickens... but I think its a step in the right...
  10. C

    Irresponsible neighbor and his roaming chickens

    Not my flock: Our neighbor has a flock of about 30 free range chickens that are roaming the neighborhood. We already have a 4' cattle fence separating his property from ours, but it does not keep the chickens out of my yard. We do have a farm, horses, but we do not have chickens. If I wanted...
  11. L

    Norwood Ohio Laws

    My husband and I are looking to move to norwood with our flock of 5 lovely buff Orpingtons. I see where the laws allow 7 hens in Norwood, but I havent been able to find a copy of the regulations for the coop. Are there any? Thanks in advance. Laura
  12. C


    I've been contacting animal control and city hall but I still haven't received anything yet. Is anyone aware of the regulations and laws in Lawrence about owning backyard chickens. As well as any one I can contact for information.
  13. Age-of-Goositude

    Fighting Rooster Town Laws

    Hey I'm in Washington State and I want to know how to make a case and fight for the rights for roosters to be in town. So many people want to keep their boys and dogs are more obnoxious than roosters and roosters are able to be kenneled and contained at night into early morning so I don't see...
  14. Shannon93

    Chickens allowed in Newburyport, MA?

    Hi all- I know its a stretch but does anyone here know what the laws are in Newburyport, MA? I am hearing different things and the ordinances online are very confusing. Or any tips on how to clarify regulations in our favor?? ;) Thanks!! Shannon
  15. G

    Chicken Cruelty

    Hi Everyone, I live in a small city in NY. Last year my neighbors decided to raise backyard chickens. It went fine for the most part. I love the hens as I do all animals. Last fall, the same neighbor bought a larger coop that was OK for 6 hens. The problem is, they haven't left the coop yet and...
  16. AmyTraurig

    Why should backyard chickens be allowed in residential neighborhoods?

    Hello my fellow backyard chicken friends. I am meeting with county officials next week to discuss backyard chickens. Currently poultry are only allowed in agriculturally zoned areas. (Backyard chickens only hasn't passed bc of 1 vote!) I am asking for your research and knowledge on this topic...
  17. Fanci Feathers Marans

    Shipping Eggs

    Even if you don't know much on the subject, please drop a comment so this thread doesn't get buried? I know this is probably in the wrong forum, but the laws/ordinances thread doesn't get much attention. I'm trying to ship hatching eggs to Canada. ✓ I got NPIP certified Π Get the vet to sign...
  18. HelpinCA

    Can't get Tylan in California, what now?

    We are have two chickens, one escaped from some bird fighting people so we kept her and we got another to keep her company. We are very new to this. Now they seem to have got gapeworm or a respiratory illness. Not running nose but lethargy, closing eyes often and opening beak. The one is a...
  19. I

    Changing the law in Boca Raton FL

    After much research, especially here on this site, my fiance and I decided that bringing a few hens into our life would be a wonderful idea! We went out, found the best chicks for us and our family, and purchased four (2 Black Australorp & 2 Buffy Orpington). Well, I certainly should have done...
  20. G

    Could I « Rent A Chicken » At a Hatchery Nearby?

    hi everybody! I have never raised chickens (but my father has) and we want to get a few, but our city doesn’t allow them! We were thinking that maybe we could keep chickens at a nearby farm and collect the eggs there, but they won’t live on our property. It’s like a person who practices...
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