1. G

     Our chickens stopped dying or reproductive organ failure when we switched to this feed.

    My 4-Hers have golden sexlinks, black sexlinks, and red sexlinks, that they get through the Chick Chain each year. They have has as many as 60 birds. They have 47 right now. They sell the eggs and this money is used for spending as well as college/"flying the coop" savings. A year ago we...
  2. Chikenting

    Helens Best Layer Feed vs Layena

    Anyone try out Helens Best Layer feed before? I just bought a 50 lb bag for my chickens and I’m just curious to see what people think. The other brand that my local feed store carries is Layena (Purina) which costs $2 more. What are your guys’ thoughts on those two feeds? I only want the best...
  3. jsullivan704

    Help with feeding ??

    So I have two female rouen ducks, and two male emden geese. Right now they are all on Purina Flock Raiser, but when the ducks start laying eggs, do I keep them all on purina flock raiser and supply oyster shells? Or so I put them on the purina layena. I don’t really have a way to separate them...
  4. HuskerHens18

    Homemade Feed vs Layena

    We all know chicken feed is expensive, especially when one bag doesn't last three days. There is a guy here in my hometown who makes his own broiler and layer feed to sell, I overheard people talking about how much they liked it. I approached the guy, asking about his feed. He was honest, he...
  5. Cash's Coop

    Best layer feed?

    I am in the process of switching my chicks from starter to layer feed. When visiting the local tsc I noticed there are several options when making this switch. Crumble vs pellet, organic vs non, regular feed with oyster shell on side vs layena. This was bit of a suprise with all the options. I...
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