laying hens

  1. zoe1103


  2. CatchaTorriFarms


    We know capturing that perfect photo of chicken is no easy task! So we are reaching out for your help to help us. Would you like your chicken breed to be featured in our product catalog to represent the breed and standard. An easy background, clean, maybe in the grass, good lighting, you know...
  3. M

    Selling 5- 5 yr old hens laying

    I have 5 hens that I need to sell and am in the Lebanon PA area. Asking 20 obo. They are in the non laying phase now but have all laid spring through sept. The one chicken lays Blue/green eggs. I don’t use artificial lighting to encourage longer laying season. They are well taken care of.
  4. K

    6 Barred Rock Hens Available

    I have 6 barred rock hens available. They are less than a year old. They are currently laying. They are very friendly and well taken care of. I just have too many chickens than I need at the moment. Asking $20 a piece. Located in Stephenson, MI.
  5. Void_Priestess

    A question about buying ready laying hens

    Um hello! I have no idea if I'm posting in the right place, but this is the only place I can think of to post my question. My mother is thinking of getting chickens (not sure yet) and she tasked me and my brother with doing all the research and math for it. A question came up when we saw how...
  6. BestDiscoMan13

    What's the best egg laying chicken breed?

    What's the best chicken breed for egg production? I want a fantastic egg laying chicken that has a long lifespan that lays alot of eggs, I would also like it not to eat much food so it's easy to feed. Any idea what kind of chicken breed would be good for me?
  7. Boggy Henbit

    I’m new here ;-)

    Hi there, My family runs one of the first urban vegetable farms in the country on 5 acres in Texas. The farm house is one of the two oldest homes in Austin (1841). We get a lot of tourists and have many regulars and even multiple generations who have grown up coming to our farm and are now...
  8. StephanieRose44

    East Fishkill NY - 10 Hens 2 Roosters

    I’m posting this here because I was misinformed by my town officials before getting my chickens, and recently have been dealing with my next door neighbor complaining (litterally) going to town hall every single day and complaining that I’m breaking the ordinance ect. I have to find a home for...
  9. Darmamommy

    $60 for 6 Laying hens for sale (La Center WA)

    6 laying hens for sale: 1 Olive Egger 2 years old 1 Blue Lace Wyandotte 2 years old 2 Ameracaunas 2 years old 2 Barred Rock 1 year olds All laying and healthy. Just need to reduce the flock before the pullets can be put with the rest of the group. $60 OBO
  10. R

    New member - old chicken rancher.

    Hi! Pat from Ranch-coop. We are primarily coop makers (my wife and I). This site has always been a source of wisdom and interest to us, and we've recommended BYC to hundreds of our customers. We currently keep around 30 laying hens on 2 acres. Buff Orpingtons, Columbian Rocks, and various older...
  11. Kris5902

    Chicken Tractor Build #3

    I’m going to give a detailed description of my mobile breeding pen/chicken tractor for my laying hens with plenty of pictures. This is my third build of this design, and I’ve been slowly improving it with each build. I live in southern BC Canada, so we have fairly mild weather year round, and...
  12. C

    ISO laying hens GA

    ISO laying hens, preferably already 6 months old. Need to be located near or in Fayetteville, GA. Can’t pay more than $20 per hen.
  13. Jimin

    Hi :)

    Hello everyone I recently just started raising chicks with my first batch of 12 assorted laying hens that I got today. They're all so cute uwu This is my first time raising chicks so I'm really hoping nothing goes wrong and they all grow up to be strong, beautiful, and healthy hens~^^
  14. StephanieRose44

    Running out of time! Identifying Gender 11-12 wks

    I’m going to just post pictures (the latest) of each bird I have and would appreciate it greatly if I can get all of “my ducks in a row I guess”. I know hens need extra source of calcium for laying and I’m at the point where I need to know the genders ( I’m not sure what the actual percentage...
  15. Reilyjarm

    A MYSTERY 5 Hens- 4 Eggs?

    Hi everyone! I’m hoping someone out there can help me solve this mystery that plagues me daily. The facts: 1) We have 5 Hens, all 9 months old. Two Plymouth Barred Rocks, Three Buff Orpingtons. 2) First egg was laid Sept. 27th (four months ago) 3) The hens are fed 16% protein, Scratch and...
  16. martinj1231

    Age help

    At the beginning of August, my bf and I purchased 10 Barred Rock laying hens. We were told they are only 2 years old and that they were currently molting. That being said, we knew eggs were going to be few and far between since they were molting. Well, it’s been a long while and the feather loss...
  17. Chickadee1982

    Laying hens need new home 7 hens

    I need to make space. I have 7 wonderful hybrids (3 Amberlinks, 4 ISA browns) They lay xxl eggs, every day. 1 year 4 months old. NPIP certified and AI clean flock. Free of external & internal parasites. I simply need to make some space, and these ladies lay too many eggs for our personal needs...
  18. G

    Just arrived from the deep west!

    Hi Everyone, I have recently moved here from Alberta, to be closer to my daughter who lives in Hatchet Lake. I will be spending the winter with her and her husband while I search out a place to live and settle. I have had chickens in the past, and for now, am enjoying my daughter's small flock...
  19. A

    Need to re-home about 15 chickens and 4 roosters, Portland OR area

    Hello - My mom has about 15 chickens and 4 roosters that we need to re-home now that she is in hospice care. 4 of the chickens and 1 rooster are about 3 years old, the rest are pullets. If anyone is interested in some or all, or can point me in a good direction for re-homing in our area I...
  20. harice4806

    Bantam laying or standard hen starting small?

    Found the 1st egg in the coop where I keep 3 bantams (2 golden sebrights and an OEGB gender not known yet) and 3 standard hens (ISA and RIR). The egg on the left is from my older hens. Middle egg is from my hens that started laying a month or so ago. On the right is the egg I found in the...
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