leghorn chickens

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    Leghorn being so gentle taking the grass from her hand
  2. Scissors65

    Lost my Hen today, so heartbroken

    I just had to share, none of my non chicken owning friends would understand. I am a new chicken owner. I got my first four chickens in April 2019. Two Leghorns: Opal and Pearl and Two New Hampshire: Ruby and Scarlet. I let my girls out when I got home from work to free range the fenced in...
  3. Scissors65

    Aggressive Leghorn, What can I do now?

    Advise please! I'm sorry this is a little long. I have a Leghorn hen (Pearl) 21 weeks old. She started laying a little over two weeks ago and her sister (Opal) started laying one week earlier, and they lay everyday. I also have two New Hampshires. Pearl loves my attention. She has actually...
  4. K

    Advice on raising an Exchequer Leghorn chick- Is slower development normal?

    I have a flock of 7 chicks who are all about 1 week old (1 died in the mail ). They are: easter eggers, a golden laced wyandotte, a lavender and a buff orpington, the leghorn, and a black australorp. All except the Leghorn have just about doubled in size. My Leghorn seems to eat and drink, but...
  5. K

    Exchequer Leghorn chick HALF the size of my other 6 chicks?! Due to size difference or crossbeak?

    Hi Everyone, I’m new to posting but have been reading your threads for weeks, preparing for my first flock of 8 chicks. One died in the mail, which was heartbreaking, and I’m not sure if I’m being hyper sensitive about the others out of fear of losing another. PLEASE- any advice you have would...
  6. Audreyschickens

    Leghorn chicken laying at 3 months!!

    Here is my leghorn chicken, Peep! We got her along with 5 other chicks back in late August. We also have 5 other hens who have been laying for 2 1/2 months. Peep has been squatting and sitting in the nesting boxes for a week or so and I have assumed it’s because she wants to be like her older...
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