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  1. L

    New layers still laying softshell after 3 weeks?

    Hi (new joiner :-)) I have two 22 week old Light Sussex chickens and for the last 3 weeks they have been laying soft-shell eggs. I've given them oyster shell grit and they are on layers pellets. I'm new and wondered is this period/length normal and how long does this typically last in first...
  2. S

    Light Sussex cockerel?

    Hi folks, I’ve got my Pekin Bantam raising three light Sussex chicks which are now 10 weeks old, the oldest is now 11 weeks and shows the hacker feathers of a Male and a longer black tail feather but no other characteristics. it’s definitely bigger than the other two and taller than the bantam...
  3. First Sussex hen Betty Boop

    First Sussex hen Betty Boop

  4. S

    Prep a Surrogate?

    Hi, I've got a dedicated Broody Pekin Bantam sitting on 5 Light Sussex eggs and her only other companion is a copy cat broody Pekin that has only now proven her conviction to the cause and sitting on an infertile egg. Should I keep her broody as I have another 6 Light Sussex eggs in the...
  5. herehenhere

    My large Fowl eggs are quite small.

    My girls are well into their laying year. Some are first time layers this year. But compared to a bantam egg I think they're fairly small. What size are your light sussex eggs. They're not utility. I'm happy with the eggs I was just wondering how big your girl's eggs are? Thank you.
  6. Colorado Trav

    Ayam Cemani Hybrids, First Time Hatching Eggs!

    Hey All! We have been proud chicken owners for a couple years but a few weeks ago decided to incubate and hatch eggs from our coop for the first time! We have one Rooster, an Ayam Cemani. We started with 6 eggs, so far 3 have hatched and 2 are Piping (at day 22). I would love any insight...
  7. Colorado Trav

    New Member from Colorado, Just Hatched First Eggs!

    Hey Everyone, My name is Travis and my fiancé and I have a little Urban Farm in Wheat Ridge, CO! Just introducing myself, so I guess I’ll go through the questions. I joined today because we decided for the first time a few weeks ago to incubate eggs from our flock and as of this morning...
  8. eveleychook

    Light Sussex Roosters or Pullets?

    I have two 16 week old Light Sussex Chickens, I think they both are roosters, one has a super large comb, one has a much smaller comb, none have yet crowed, and none have yet shown interest in other hens (mounting), but as I am unsure please see images below. Large Comb Small Comb Here...
  9. MPchicks

    Can't wait to hatch more eggs!

    We hatched our first group eggs and got 5 Light susses and 1 bantam cochin. I had so much fun hatching that I am having a hard time waiting until after our vacation in April to hatch some more. I totally see why it can be so addicting to hatch.
  10. Sagey_7878

    *VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA* Selling 3 cockerels!

    Hi everyone, I am located in Victoria, Australia and I am selling 3 cockerels that are about 7 weeks. I have the following: Silver Laced Wyandotte Light Sussex (not pure) Australorp I have included pictures of them.
  11. N

    Mites or Fowl Pox? Help needed. Photos attached

    Can you help me work out what these are i really have no idea we have 1 speckled and 1 light Sussex and both of them have black starting to show on their comb. What are they and what can I do to treat it? Thanks in advance for you help!
  12. N

    Not laying...

    We have 1 speckled sussex and 1 light sussex both are 9months old and we're still waiting for their 1st egg, is this normal? We have just come into winter so the daily temp is 10ish degrees could this be contributing? Thanks!
  13. H

    Thank you for adding me!

    We have recently rejoined the chicken world after several years without them. We currently have three different stages of chickens, 2 day old,(6) junior high chicken (6) and 13 grown hens and one rooster. The different ages has proven to be a challenge. Very interested in Light Sussex chickens.
  14. ILoveSilkieChickens

    What gender is my 3 and a half month to 5 month old Brahma, Cindy Lou/Cody?

    I really want to know because she/he is my most favorite chicken that I have ever had and I have a very strong bond with her/him. And how old is she/he. My aid heard her/him this morning in the coop and the young bird was beginning to crow. If it’s a he then I have to get rid of him and his name...
  15. pipnzipdip

    Light Sussex cockerals (North CA)

    I have five Light Sussex cockerals that will be 8 weeks on Mothers Day weekend. We live near Sacramento and <10 minutes from both Hwy 99 and I5 for easy pickups. These were purchased hatching eggs.
  16. cluckledoodleoo

    Sudden Death

    Hi all, Sadly, on Sunday morning one of my hens passed away.:hit She's a Light Sussex hen and she'll be 6 years old in July. We were initially told that her and her sisters' life expectancy would be 5/6 years but I've heard a variety of things: from 3 years to 11! (can anyone confirm?) I let her...
  17. stephkerrsk

    Buff/Light Sussex Cockerel - cross breeding question!!

    Hello, So I'm looking for some advice; Early last year I hatched the below cockerel ( Buff Father over light Sussex Mother), not realising that he wasn't pure! Well now I have him, I'm curious to experiment. Can anyone tell me please what the offspring of the following would look like: This...
  18. C

    What have you cross your CX with?

    Any pictures and stats, of the F1 cross, or first generation of the cross would be greatly appreciated. :wee Live and carscass :D
  19. N

    Newbie... Help! Pullet or Cockerel? 8wks old

    Newbie... Help! Pullet or Cockrel? 8wks old
  20. D

    Odd Light Sussex Rooster?

    So today I went to a poultry fare for the second time and decided to buy a rooster and more hens. I currently have 9 hens and a rooster. The guy said the rooster would be mature enough for breeding after Christmas. I came home and introduced him to my existing 6 hens and he was shivering and the...
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