1. Farmer Connie

    Unreliable LG Hygrometer

    Another lock down is upon us once again. Our #3 LG Bator is in lockdown. Windows all steamed up and the factory meter reads 26% humidity but my recently purchased hygrometer reads it at 70%. As well as the heater is cranked up to 102.5° F to achieve 99.5°F on my calibrated aux thermometer...
  2. Farmer Connie

    LEAKING L.G. INCUBATOR. repairable?

    Incubator leaking. Draining out of 2 channels. It's a Little Giant Styrofoam Bator so some chems might melt it. Was a slow leak and have had a plastic pan/tray under it for a couple of months. But now it drains fast. Any ideas..? Tape gets soggy quick and Doesn't work. Any styro-friendly cures...
  3. Farmer Connie


    Right on time, exactly at 8 a.m.. Placed the eggs in the Little Giant Incubator 21 days ago at 8a.m.. Far out! Time to play the lottery. 51 eggs all hand turned average 4 times a day. Candled at day 15 and had 37 positive fertile eggs. We put hot tap water soaked washcloths rolled up in all 4...
  4. Incubation Cheat Sheet

    Incubation Cheat Sheet

    ChooksChick's Henthusiasts' Still-Air Styrofoam Incubation Cheat-Sheet ***The first, most important rule is: get the temp right with an empty incubator, and make sure it's stable for 48 hours- without the plugs, without you touching it- BEFORE you add eggs.*** This is the hardest part, and if...
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