1. C

    Broody not in lockdown, day 20

    My banty broody was off her nest today for awhile eating and drinking and it’s day 20! Does this mean she thinks the eggs aren’t viable? She got right back up on the nest when she was done but I’ve always read lockdown starts on day 18 and they stop getting up. It’s my first time with a broody...
  2. Aaron nassery

    I got a issue ladies and gents that I need your help with.

    I was looking at some incubators and I kept seeing the same ones over and over and I was wondering if any of you guys/girls had any experience with them and if you can possibly tell me your thoughts on them. Which on is worth it? Which one would you buy? How do they hold temperature/humidity ...
  3. F

    Quail eggs - late hatching

    I have 43 quail eggs incubating. I did dry incubation with temp at 99.5 and humidity stayed around 30-35%. I am using a nurture right 360. There where no incubator issuers or drop in temp. The temperature was double checked with a back up thermometer. They went into to lock down and the humidity...
  4. Mustafa Aamir

    eggs got cold on 20th day during lockdown!!! Please help

    hi, please help anybody, today was my 20th day.... tommorow is the hatch date. i have around 15 Australorp and 15 Rir eggs in a semi-automatic incubator. at night, around 1:50 am i last checked the eggs (I know ot late i should have been sleeping 😆😆). Anyways they were all good at that time...
  5. DelR

    I think I made a mistake, someone help!!

    Alright, so I don’t know if I did something bad. I put the eggs on lockdown on (what I thought was) day 18. I have had such bad anxiety the past 3-4 days because NOTHING has happened. I posted a couple threads and got help from people, only to realize.... I miscounted the days. Today is actually...
  6. allebasi4

    Upright hatching - pipped wrong end

    Hi there, I have 8 eggs on lockdown (temp 99.5 humidity 65%) they’re just entering day 21. These are shipped eggs with wonky air cells so I’ve been following instructions to incubate them upright. I woke up this morning to find one egg had a pip but the pip is just barely above the cut down egg...
  7. Britt712

    Very tough membranes!

    I have coturnix eggs in lockdown but I'm afraid they wont be able to make it through the tough membrane. I don't know if this is normal for quail eggs but when I cracked open some quitters beforehand the membrane was very white and tough. Kind of had a leathery feel to them. When I carefully...
  8. Britt712

    Wondering if anyone has done this?

    I have a PETSPIONEER humidifier I have been using for my veiled chameleon. I have some eggs in lockdown and was having trouble upping the humidity so I decided to cut a hole near the bottom of the bator (eggs are elevated in a container so they are not getting directly showered in fog) and push...
  9. BrittsChicks

    Need Help! Lockdown on day 26 or wait till day 28?

    I have a Pomeranian goose egg in the bator... I’ve seen a slight dip in the air cell...(put the egg in lockdown last night)...Today is day 26. Should I put the egg back in the turner for another day or just leave it in lockdown?...I’ve looked all over the Internet and can’t find a specific...
  10. TaylorChickadoodleFam

    Eggs changing color during incubation??

    My 12 chicken eggs have changed color going lighter during incubation and I’m on day 20 and they are more noticibly changing color. I have a homemade still air incubator and they have all grown beautifully to lockdown. I’ve canceled and kept great accuracy with temp and humidity. Any ideas whya...
  11. A

    Help Quail chick hatched early can I open during lockdown?

    Hi all. Day 15 put eggs on lock down this morning and just checked this evening and a quail chick just hatched (not yet fluffy) looking a bit sleepy but only one other egg pipping. Humidity stable at 40% which is low so I turn on the mist maker every few hours to get it to 65%. My question can I...
  12. ducklings5405

    Internal pip?

    Does this count as an internal pip? Should I start lockdown now? I wanted to post a video of the duck that can be seen wriggling inside the egg but I can only show pictures. You can see the little bump is the beak. I think maybe it hasn’t broken through yet.
  13. Khaki mama

    Are my eggs dead?

    Were on day 27 of incubation and a couple of my duck egg have very light gray splotches on them. Were in lockdown so I didn't open the incubator. Should I candle them? Are they dead?
  14. C

    Advice on Goose eggs nearing hatch in a Brinsea Mini

    I have 3 Goose eggs with that I began incubating on the 11th of April. It was a complete experiment, something to keep me occupied during quarantine- I wasn't sure of the age of the eggs or if they were fertilised. And the Brinsea is the only incubator I have, not ideal for goose eggs I know but...
  15. M

    Hatching Problems, Requesting Advice ASAP

    Hello, I've been incubating duck eggs over the past month. They entered lockdown on Friday and I had one duckling pip on Sunday and hatch yesterday (day 28). As I didn't want to disturb the humidity and risk shrink-wrapping their siblings I decided to leave them in there. Unfortunately they are...
  16. chickenlittle21

    DAY 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lockdown! I finally get a break from all that egg turning. I am keep the temperature in the incubator between 98°F and 100°F and the humidity around 70 (77% to be exact). My dad says he saw both of the Ameraucana eggs wiggling, I saw one of the eggs rocking, and my mom says she saw another egg...
  17. Poultrykeeper12

    Lockdown questions.

    Hello Byc! I have been incubating eggs for 16 days now and I just need a couple answers about the days to come. #1 My temperature throughout the incubation period was at a steady 100.0F to about 100.2F my question is that, will I get an early batch because of this? or a later one. My incubator...
  18. S

    Day 20 chick has pipped this afternoon but nothing since

    Ok so this is my first hatch, temp and humidity has been stable throughout. However, since I increased my humidity on lockdown both hydrometers are giving different readings?? One is saying 65 and the other 70. One of the eggs pipped this afternoon and there has been nothing since? No noise and...
  19. C

    Help! Need to know how old my duck egg is!

    Okay so I found two abandoned duck nests (flooded with water during heavy rain) that i had come across about a month before. Out of the 22 eggs I initially took, only one has shown real signs of life. He’s the only one in my incubator now. I need to know how he is so I can put him on lockdown at...
  20. CanadaEh

    Do I really have to increase humidity and lock down on day 18?

    Our eggs were initially at 50-55% RH for first 6-7 days. After candling and realizing there is almost no air cell growth, I decreased RH to 40% and it did not help much, then to 26% (with no water at the bottom of incubator at all). It is day 18 now and air cells is still not where they suppose...
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