losing chickens

  1. Shepshill

    Lost these two beauties to a fox

    We used to let our four chickens free range for an hour or so each evening, weather and schedules permitting. We had no issues for about nine months. On Mother’s Day, I caught a fox carrying off my Barred Rock and found that three piles of feathers was all that remained of my Buff Orpington. I...
  2. Liz Birdlover

    Red Stars - Egg Peritonitis & Shorter Life Span?

    I was given 2 Red Star pullets about 4 years ago. So I had also just gotten 2 other youngsters, 1 Barred Rock Rooster, 1 Barred Rock Hen and the 2 "Redheads" I named Ginger & Lucy. All 4 were pretty close in age, they got along well and my handsome Roo was such a gentleman, always giving the...
  3. Mountainwalker

    Chickens saved by guinneas!

    We had a bobcat trying to get into the chicken run this morning, the guineas went ballistic so I ran outside with my rifle and there it was, trying to get in, it already killed a bunch of our birds few days ago when we were away celebrating a birthday only to come back to see our favorite buff...
  4. lilbitspecial

    Been a rough season

    I have had a rough time of it with my chickens this year. It started with buying six bantams at TSC lost two the first day. The other four ended up having a bacterial infection and cocci treated them. In the mean time I had also gotten five buff Orpingtons and five amerucanas one of which is...
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