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  1. Pigglebottoms

    Chickens, What's Not To Love!

    UPDATED TO ADD PICS Hi Everyone! Thank you for accepting me as a member of BYC! I never thought I would enjoy chickens so much. Honestly, the chickens were my husband's idea originally, I wanted the ducks 🤦We got a few ducks and chickens back in September 2019 just before moving to Eastern...
  2. Fluffypeckers

    Hello everyone!

    I'm 21 and my start with the chickens wasn't good. It all started about 11 years ago when i got my very first roosters. I had 5 of them. I was with them every day. They were my best friends and followed me everywhere, they even tried to follow me to school.. I loved all of them. I'd spend every...
  3. Felixr1998

    New here!

    Hello, I am from Southeastern New Mexico. No we are not part of Mexico we are the 48th state in the union. I have a beautiful wife, a 2 year old step son and expecting my first child in January, ironically my wife is petrified of chickens especially roosters lol. We currently have a flock of 17...
  4. Thesweetbirdsflock

    Who doesn’t love a broody with chicks???

    :wee:wee:wee:wee:wee:weethis is where you can post all those cute mama and chick pictures! I would love to see them!
  5. Thesweetbirdsflock

    They’re so cute!

    Just recently took this picture of our adults coming in after their morning free range time. They line up single file and make a bee line for the coop and then stop at the door and wait for it to be opened for them and then it’s food water and nest box wars. Lol. However, as they are running...
  6. Thesweetbirdsflock

    Love my chickens!

    There’s nothing wrong with these guys. I just love them and think they are so cute!!! The older Barred Rock is Samantha The Rode island red with the cuts is Rebecca The skinnier Rhode Island Red without the cuts is Susannah The little leghorn is Patty The pullet Barred Rock is Maddie
  7. BrahmaMom1797

    A little bit of love....

    Hello friends! For anyone having a tough day or for someone who needs a little love here my little love shaped bird! :love
  8. C

    Insullated Chicken Coop Wanted and Suggestion for Chain Link Roof Lift

    Hello Chicken Lovers, I am fairly new to this site, so I hope I am posting in the right area. Posted previously and included my location and my thanks to the individuals that contacted me. Still looking for someone to build (or finish an existing) an insulated chicken coop. If you read my...
  9. C

    Experienced Carpenter to Finish Chicken Coop

    Hello everyone, I am new here and still finding my way around. A kind person suggested that I post in this area. Long story but I hired people to strengthen, insulate and make some modifications to my chicken coop. Paid for materials, relayed what my wishes were, paid for materials and nothing...
  10. rosemarysugar

    Adding ROOSTER!!!!

    Hi I am thinking about adding a Rooster to my flock, can I add JUST a rooster or do I have to have 2 birds like with hens? Anyone have any over all tip for having a roo??????
  11. BabySweetsTurkeys

    My babies are growing so fast!

    My little babes are almost 4 months old. Where does the time go? :hitHere we have Willie (barred rock rooster) Eggbert (grey Easter ‘Egger’ rooster), and me hens: Pippy (has a slightly deformed comb) Zippy (perfect comb), and Yolkie! :p
  12. JeNeSaisCluck

    Hello chicken loving friends

    Hi all, I have a flock of four hens in my Northwest back yard: Light Brahma (Chips), Golden Sex Link (Peepen), Black Australorp (Bindin), and a Silver Laced Wyandotte (Neptune). They are my little buddies and they all lay eggs! I love my gals and they have made life a sweeter thing, especially...
  13. KLIL

    How many birds are in your current flock?

    Hi Everyone, Just curious as im starting to want more and more! How many birds do you have in your current flock? And How many did you originally start with?
  14. KLIL

    Let's learn more about each other?

    Thought it would be nice to learn more about each other. 3 questions: Where are you from? How big is your current flock? What made you fall in love with the idea of having your own chickens? I will go first. My name is Krystal. I'm from Queensland, Australia. I currently have 8 Australorp...
  15. KassieEspi

    What Breed of Chicken Is this?

    Hi Everyone, New comer to BackYardChickens! I was needing help figuring out what breed of chicken this was. I was debating between Partridge Rock and Welsummers, but the leg color of mine is different from those breeds. And now I’m not so sure anymore! If you could help, I’d appreciate your...
  16. Cayuga momma

    We made it passed the 2 week mark!

    We are new chicken owners. Back in March we ordered 3 chicks and 3 ducklings. We got our order, but all but 1 chick (Henrietta) died. My husband, my son Arie (8) and I were pretty devastated. Well we ordered again, from a different hatchery and our babies turned 2 weeks old yesterday and are...
  17. Cayuga momma

    New chicks!

    We just got our new chicks! They are 2 days old! SO EXCITED!
  18. L


    Yay!!! I decided what breeds to get as some of you may know I decided to get more the breeds. Thank you for the recommendations by the way. I decided to go with one Leghorn named Grace. A Golden Laced Wyandotte named Penny. Last but not least two Amerecaunas named Grethchen and Charlie (short...
  19. 20170906 daughter of t-rex

    20170906 daughter of t-rex

    Cover of novel Daughter of T-Rex by Shuyan Chi our own @LittleRedFace I'll review when through reading
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