1. Collinska

    Duck Sounds... What Do They Mean??

    I am introducing ✨Tweety✨ he will be the star of today’s episode! He is my baby boy, we got him with another duckling once upon a time but sadly his brother/sister passed... We got him 2 new ducklings after he grieved (the fact that he had to go through that broke my heart and I learned how...
  2. Laura_BelgianBantams_63

    R.I.P Perri, always remembered, never forgotten.

    It was around 6:15 am in the morning that I heard the commotion. I heard panicked squawks from the chickens outside my window. I thought the flock of 9 was just being annoyed by plovers...but when I looked out my window...a fox was chasing them around. I gasped and ran to the laundry door in my...
  3. J

    Whisky Willows Chicks

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? My family has had chickens for at least 7 years. Can’t remember exactly when we got our first flock. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? We have 18 chickens, just acquired a new one today. (3) What breeds do you have? Oh...
  4. pixieschickens

    Chick Bonding

    Any ideas on how to bond with my chicks? They’re still quite skittish at 4 weeks old :(
  5. FathertoFeathers

    Because I loved her

    A few months ago we got some baby chicks from tractor supply. The first few weeks went by fine and nothing really happened. Then they got to the age where they could be out in the coop. I will forever regret that decision. We put them out and they seemed to like it. They had fun in their new...
  6. meltedcow


    I'm Cari. I am a photographer and the mother of Daisy (black lab), Mr. Kitty, Buddy the parakeet (he showed up on our fence one day), and six laying hens: Dolly, Coconut, Ginger, Cinnamon, Sugar and Pam (from the Office not the spray!) My chick-chicks say "hello"! Have a great day! :thumbsup
  7. cluckmecoop7

    Just wanted to share some pictures of my flock

    I love my flock! They are about twenty weeks old and starting to lay eggs! :love
  8. BrahmaMom1797

    A little bit of love....

    Hello friends! For anyone having a tough day or for someone who needs a little love here my little love shaped bird! :love
  9. Virginia and James

    *Member in need*

    Thanks for stopping to read this. One of our BYC family is going through some tough times, and needs some support. I've spoken to her on the phone, and she could sure use us! OP is here: All I'm...
  10. Nats Chickens

    Ferret lovers?

    I don't have a ferret yet, but I am in love with the idea of getting a male ferret. I have calculated the costs, and come to the conclusion that here in Australia, it would cost me $330 dollars [on average] to get the ferret, his cage, castrate him etc...And $100 dollars per year [on average] to...
  11. Quincy Buttons

    Re-homing two male Button Quails in California

    Hello, I'm looking to re-home the two healthy adult male button quails that I have raised in the Bay Area (California). Recently, one of my females have passed away, leaving one of my males lonely. I have to go to college next year and I need help to give these guys a new home! They have been...
  12. GracieJ

    noisy female ducks...ideas?

    Hello, I have five male and two female call ducks and they are my babies!! However, my two females, mainly the youngest one (6mnths old) are 'calling' nearly all of the time, every 20/30 mins or so. At first I thought it was hilarious and cute (and I still do) but now I'm worried neighbours...
  13. imneva

    Omg they are soooo sweeeet!

    They are growing so much! So sweeet! I love watching them nap! My austra white(Astrid) puffs her cheeks in and out when she sleeps! Wish is could get a good video but she is white and likes to sleep near the desk lamp and it it too bright.
  14. KLIL

    Let's learn more about each other?

    Thought it would be nice to learn more about each other. 3 questions: Where are you from? How big is your current flock? What made you fall in love with the idea of having your own chickens? I will go first. My name is Krystal. I'm from Queensland, Australia. I currently have 8 Australorp...
  15. GhostGirlShannon

    12 week old terrified still

    Hi guys, it's been a few weeks since I brought home Edison and Mayo. They get along with the chickens no problem and now they seem to know who I am when I come into the enclosed run. Problem is, they still won't greet me, come to feed on treats near me and especially be held. They scream and...
  16. Peppercorngal

    The old hen is in LOVE!

    I had a large flock of hens and they were killed by a bear last October, all but two hens. The oldest, Myrtle Mae (a 3 year old RIR), has been the top of the pecking order with my new flock and always rather peckish and nasty to everyone else. Even the roosters run from her! Imagine my shock...
  17. Age-of-Goositude

    Ex-Fighter: Caspian's Crew

    I adopted three roosters from a little over a year ago one passed but the other two I've rehabbed and are doing pretty well for themselves. Caspian was in my main flock for a while but he got scalped because he refuses to fight at all to keep his rank, got scalped, went to...
  18. Quackers3211

    Post Pictures Of Your Birds!!!

    I for one love to show people Pictures of my amazing Brids so I figure why not start a thread where everyone can show off their Birds!!! :ya:wee:clap
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