1. B

    Neighbors Birds

    Hello Everyone! Our neighbor raised 4 turkeys this spring. The males are are very friendly and tame. There are 3 males and 1 female. Will the female be injured in the spring by the males? They are very large, and I'm afraid the might hurt her. She is too skittish to put a saddle on. Any...
  2. G

    Wanting Hens

    I'm about to incubate my fertilized eggs and was wondering what temperature I should put it at if I want the majority of the eggs to be females? I've incubated a few times before but the majority of the chicks were males, this time I'm aiming for more female chicks.
  3. C

    Pekin babies!

    Anyone wanna take odds on who's the boy(s) and who's the girls? First was born starting July 24, and last on July 28th - at the front and center is Pipsqueak, in the Back is Hildebrand, the other two are Sugar and Sir Quacksalot. Just moved them into the garage in a 4x4' base, 2' sides and open...
  4. BlackHackle

    Are Roosters More Prone to Disease than Hens?

    Hi, I've noticed an issue that reappears in each and every import I get; I always loose all the roosters a month after they arrive on the property to some unknown disease and have never lost any hens in all the attempts. - 4 years ago I imported a Partridge Rock trio, lost the rooster 2 weeks...
  5. chicksonline

    Questions on sexing?

    I have read a few facts on chicks and there sexing and growing ways I was just wondering if these are true or not! 1) female chicks feather more quickly 2) females have rounded feathers round there necks whilst the males have pointed ones 3) rounded eggs = females Pointed = males 4) males...
  6. SugarGroveFarm

    Gender Ratios Plus Docile Roosters

    Hello again everyone! I have two main questions to ask in this thread! 1.) What are good female to male ratios in a mixed flock? How many ducks should you have to a Drake? And geese to ganders and roosters to hens? There are 7 breeds of chickens that I am interested in and the hatchery I was...
  7. Rooster Fights

    Rooster Fights

    As many of us know that male animals will fight each other for dominance and show that they are better to the female. This is the exact same with roosters. Here's some tips on rooster's fighting and what you should do if you notice them fighting. If you or somebody else finds two roosters...
  8. Nksg75

    The Great SI (Shape index) experiment

    I have decided to do an experiment. After reading this paper on Shape Index of eggs and how that can essentially predict the sex of a chick before hatch. I decided why not? I am going to hatch, why not just see if there is any truth to it. It's kind of fun, regardless of outcome! Makes for a...
  9. FirstTimeClucky

    Surplus Coturnix Roos

    I hatched out some Coturnix eggs, now I have seven birds around 7 weeks old. Three have turned out to be roos. I know that it's best to leave just one roo with a few hens, and already the three males are picking on each other and the hens. They are all in a big cage together. I'm wondering what...
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