1. J

    Mallard duckling wing issue

    I’ve noticed one of my ducklings having issues with her wings. She just seems like she’s having to constantly pull them up. None of my others are having this problem that I’ve noticed. Anyone know what it is and what I can do?
  2. Saigey

    Duck Rescue

    Hi! Okay, so, momma mallard nested for the 2nd time in our front flower bed, and laid 8 eggs. Something got into the nest overnight and scared the mother duck away, leaving 3 eggs. She hadn't returned by dusk, so I put together a diy incubator to see if I could rescue the little guys. They...
  3. BunnyGirlxoxo

    3 Mallard/Rouen Ducks (Virginia)

    I need to re-home 3 ducks (Rouen/Mallard drakes). Approximately 8 months old. I would love to keep them but my little backyard farm has no room. Located in Nokesville, Virginia
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