1. cluelesschickmother

    Starved chicks... one dead and one with enlarged crop!!

    I will preface by saying that I am really screwed up... I start with the story of what happened and end with my plead for help. We purchased two three week old splash silkie chicks to add to our flock of juvenile silkies from a wonderful small local hatchery. They supplied us with what we...
  2. M

    Sick Pekin Duck

    I have a female pekin for about two months. This morning she was not walking right so i began giving her niacin in food and water right away. she also had two broken blood feathers which i pulled out and cleaned up for her most likely from my male pekin trying to mate? i’m not sure. but she...
  3. MercyHomested

    How can I help my duckling that won’t eat and can’t keep his head up no more

    My husband and me got 3 duckling some weeks ago and up until a week or so things where great. They all got tired and sluggish but after some bathes and greasy air two of them have gotten the spring back in their feet and is healthy, happy duckling. but the last one is not doing well. We can’t...
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