1. Frosty_2503


    I am looking for some black copper maran hatching eggs. I had a very very beloved rooster who passed away recently and I am now without a breeding rooster. I am looking for some high quality black coppers with super dark eggs. Fertile hatching eggs or day old chicks. You must be willing to ship...
  2. Rockporters

    MA/NH: Showgirl, Isbar, Barnvelder, Polish, and Legbar Roosters

    Cross posting with state forums and CL. We are starting to be outnumbered by cockerels around here. All purebred and from very good lines. We are located in MA/NH...sorry, no, we can’t ship. If interested in updates pics of a certain one, please let me know. Looking to rehome the following: 18...
  3. JaneBrook

    First hatching with my broody silkie...

    19 days ago I received 8 mixed fertilized eggs through the post via Royal Mail. I have 6 bantams & 2 Rhode Island reds but it was my black silkie ‘Jemima’ who has gone broody along with a tiny frizzle called Molly who has decided to share the incubation :eek: I candled them a few days ago & a...
  4. Momma_Tillie

    Copper Maran Rooster/Cockriels

    I have Two Black Copper Marans and One possible Easter Egger Roosters that I need to rehome. Hatched out on 5/1 and have been handled and socialized every since. They are good roosters and have a very pleasant personality. When I purchased the eggs the breeder was looking to get any roosters...
  5. Momma_Tillie

    Three Copper Moran Cockriels

    I have two Black Copper Moran and one Blue Copper Moran Cockriels in need of new homes. They hatched out on 5/1 and are beautiful. Problem is that I can not have Roosters. I live in Snellville,Ga. These guys are very beautiful and I would love for them to go to new homes where they can be the...
  6. LizzzyJo

    White French Maran’s Second Egg Ever is Beautiful!

    Orpington eggs for comparison :)
  7. Kluggie

    Black copper marans in oz?

    Hi all I have been looking for a black copper Maran breeder in southeast Queensland but can’t seem to find any. It’s easy enough to find welsummer and barnevelder brown egg layers but I’m keen on the really dark chocolate coloured eggs from the marans. Any ideas, information or breeder...
  8. A

    Cuckoo maran or barred rock?

    Is this a barred rock or cuckoo maran? Someone is trying to sell it as a maran but i want to make sure
  9. NorCalChicks101

    Rooster crowing when I come out to bring food. Aggression or excitement?

    When my Black Copper Maran roo/cockerel sees me coming to the run will often look at me while i'm approaching and crow at me. He does this when I come out to water my garden too. (Chickens love squash!) When I enter the run to toss treats and refill food and water there are no signs of...
  10. Karridoll

    What is she? I was told black Maran?

    I got a few girls from my husbands buddy and this pullet was identified as a black Maran. Doesn’t seem right to me with those white feathers. Any thoughts?
  11. Redhousecoops

    4 week old marans

    Hello! First time hatching chicks! These are 4 week old Marans. I think the first one is a cockerel because his comb is growing a lot faster than the others. But does the second picture look like a pullet or is it still too early to know? Could they just be developing slower?? Thanks!
  12. Leelu13

    Australorp? Maran? Anybody? Help?

    Last September hubby picked up new chicks from Tractor Supply, but he doesn't remember what they were listed as, only that they were female. I've attatched a few pics-I'm going back and forth between australorps and marans (they had both).
  13. Leolorelei

    Several Mystery Breeds...

    Hello! I got some birds from someone who hatched a bunch of mystery eggs, and couldn't give me much info on them... I have some guesses about a few but wanted some other input from those who may know more! 1) I got this pretty roo. I'm guessing some sort of birchen marans or olive egger made...
  14. A

    Black Marans (not black copper)

    In search of a breeder for black Marans. I'm looking for hatching eggs currently, but it's very difficult to find them as if you search for them black copper comes up. Looking for breeders that breed to SOP. Thanks in advance
  15. Venumfire

    Colorado Chickens & Organic Feed - Save 15% Gift Code: SerenityLove is offering 15% off everything on their website between now and February 14th, 2019. Enter gift code: SerenityLove to save 15% off your total order. Serenity Sprouts is a local Colorado farm that does not ship their chickens, however offers shipment of hatching eggs...
  16. rosemarysugar


    Breeder say maran mix roo, but they weren't sure. 6 weeks old. Have any questions please ask.
  17. Angelgrl5200

    ISO a few different hatching eggs

    Hi I am looking for a dozen eggs, prefer from 1 person so I don't have to pay multiple shipping costs. Must ship or live within 1 hour of Roy, Wa. Please. Looking for 4 cream legbar that have the possibility to lay true blue eggs, 4 black Cooper marans that have the possibility to lay very dark...
  18. Sophie4321

    Hen lost condition

    Last week I bought 3 maran lol pullets They have all lost condition but one in particular has lost significantly more than the others. None of them are eating very much Should I be worried and is there anything I can do to help
  19. J

    Whose is this?

    So not sure whose this is. Options: older Welsummer, young cuckoo maran, or blue isbar. Any thoughts? I'm leaning toward Welsummer...
  20. Sophie4321

    Sex link chicks help!!

    Would a chick still be sex link ( white dot on the head of roos) if I crossed a cuckoo maran hen with a silver spangled apenzeller rooster ( I have 2 I don't know what to do with, they're too pretty to kill) Thanks
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