1. Brooder Extension DIY Scrap Lumber

    Brooder Extension DIY Scrap Lumber

    Helllllo! I just wanted to share my brooder extension for my 8 ladies who are going on their 5th week. It's made of all scrap materials from our coop build, and a set of end tables we were going to throw away anyway. Took a vacation day for some mental health, ie. power tools therapy :celebrate...
  2. D

    Corn cat litter okay for coop or run?

    This is my first post (other than my introduction)!!! Hopefully I am in the right section :) A friend of mine bought some corn litter for her cats, which they ended up not liking (picky girls). She doesn't want to throw the whole thing out, so I was thinking about throwing it in my chicken...
  3. S

    Run Materials Question

    Long story not very short, here. In the past, we've built our runs with chicken wire extending down into the ground and along parallel to the surface a foot or so down. When we were out west, we didn't have any large wild rodents, skunks, coyotes/wolves or predatory snakes to worry about, just...
  4. D

    HELP!!! 4x8 coop plans w/ material list

    I am in search of a low cost 4x8 chicken coop plan w/ material list. I'm not the most handy when it comes to building things but I can follow instructions. HELP!!!!
  5. RocheeBum

    Run Flooring Choices

    Okay so, our Easter holiday chicken run project is well underway! Our next step is deciding on flooring for the run. Background: We live in the UK, so expect quite a bit of rain. Our run will be 1/4 to 1/2 covered with a solid roof. The run is 3m x 2m. And also has a raised chicken coop. It...
  6. John and Tiffany

    Is rebar good to use?

    I am on a construction site and have access to a bunch of old rebar. Some is bent some is straight. Does anyone have any ideas of how I could use that in a coop? I don't want to haul crap home and never use it and right now I have no ideas.
  7. CapricornFarm

    Helpful hints for building coops

    I am currently building my biggest coop ever and thought about how many newbies are trying to build their first coop ever. Thinking of all you struggling to learn the use of tools and with questions on your mind about planning, i thought it would be helpful to share what i have learned and let...
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